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Damwon Gaming Wins The LCK Summer Split 2020 Defeating Team DRX

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Damwon Gaming became the champions of LCK Summer Split 2020 by dominating in finals by 3-0 against the DRX. They entered in the finals as a favoured team after winning the Regular season of LCK Summer Split 2020. LCK  is the biggest League of Legends event in Korea, where finalist teams got the slot in League of Legends World Championship 2020(worlds 2020) that will be held later this year.

Finals of LCK Summer Split was BO5, where two teams battled to win the title of LCK Summer Split 2020. In finals, Damwon Gaming completely dominated and won the finals by 3-0. However, DRX looked strong after their win against GenG in playoffs.

As per the format of LCK, Damwon got the direct spot in finals after their win in the regular season. Without playing any warm-up games or PLAYOFFS the team exhibited us that they are the best League Of Legends team in Korea. As we all know that currently, the whole world is facing the effect of Covid-19 pandemic, due to this the event was played online. After this win, Damwon Gaming will head to the League of Legends World Championship as the no.1 seed from Korea. Historically, Korea has been the strongest region in the League of Legends World Championship. As we mentioned Damwon Gaming and DRX both qualified for Worlds 2020. The last team from the Korean region will be decided at the Regional finals which are scheduled to be held next week.


All Qualified teams from LCK  will head to Shanghai, China to compete in the League of Legends World Championship 2020, where top teams from LEC, LCS will join them in competition. Due to pandemic International play might be impossible, so there are chances to be WORLDS 2020 crazier season than ever in League of Legends history, and there could be a lot of surprises. Due to border restrictions VCS teams will not able to join the event, so the first time in history League of Legends World Championship will have 22 teams instead of 24.

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