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Damaru Gaming Defeated Legion Esports in Final of VCC Nepal and Bhutan Qualifiers

Damaru Gaming Defeated Legion Esports in Final of VCC Nepal & Bhutan
Damaru Gaming Defeated Legion Esports in Final of VCC Nepal & Bhutan

Damaru Gaming Defeated Legion Esports in Final of VCC Nepal and Bhutan Qualifiers: The Valorant Conquerors Championship Nepal & Bhutan Qualifier Finals have concluded, with Damaru Gaming defeating Team Legion and advance to the Playoffs of Valorant Conquerors championship. After Velocity gaming from India and Salt Esports from Pakistan, Damaru Gaming from Nepal become the third team to qualified for VCC Playoffs. Here are the match wise results.

Map 1: Bind

Damaru Gaming Started the map as the attackers and lost the initial two rounds including the pistol round. But a Fierce comeback from DG couldn’t be resisted by Legion Gaming and the score stood at 3-9 in favour of Damru gaming at the half. After the side swap, we have witnessed a slight comeback from Legion but ultimately this round is given in favour of Team Damaru.

  • Final Score –  13-6 (In favour of Damaru)
  • Mvp – DG Thin (19 Kills)
Map 2:  IceBox

2nd map had been played on Icy Icebox where Legion Esports got an attacking role. Despite winning some initial round, Damaru Gaming ended half time by trailing  5-7. After a side swap, Legion Esports could not able to carry forward its momentum and gets a hand on defeat from Damaru gaming, thanks to Thin insane operator skills and freaking blade storms.

  • Final Score –  13-10 (In favour of Damaru)
  • Mvp – DG Thin (29 Kills)
Map 3: HAVEN

Legion Esports faced a do-or-die situation after losing on their own chosen map of Icebox. Legion Esports and Damaru Gaming jumped out to a 6-6  at halftime. After halftime, Damaru could not stand against the momentum set by Legion Esports, Even though they managed to secure some early rounds but end up losing this map and Legion Esports survives their hope for VCC playoffs.

  • Final Score –  13-7 (In favour of Legion)
  • Mvp – Elder (17 Kills)
Map 4: BIND

2nd Last Map of the game again played on Bind, Team Damaru needed just 1 Map to enter VCC Playoffs and on the other hand Legion Gaming needed to win both maps in a row to outpass Damaru. Even showing some aggression at early-round Legion Gaming Failed to utilize this in the final few rounds. And Damaru Gaming outshined Legion take this round

  • Final Score –  13-6 (In favour of  Damaru)
  • Mvp – DG Moonlight (23 Kills)

With this victory, Team Damaru becomes the third team from South Asia to qualify for the VCC playoffs, which will begin on August 19th. Meanwhile, Legion Esports still has a chance to make the Playoffs through wildcards.

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