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CWG 2022: India beat New Zealand in DOTA 2 to clinch bronze at the Commonwealth Esports Championships


CWG 2022: India beat New Zealand in DOTA 2 to clinch bronze at the Commonwealth Esports Championships-In their last two DOTA 2 games at the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022, the Indian DOTA 2 team suffered defeat. They lost their last Group Stage match against England and were defeated by Malaysia in the Semi-Finals.

Both teams advanced into the Grand Finals of the DOTA 2 tournament, while India was set to face New Zealand for the Bronze decider. The boys bounced back in this series and clinched victory, giving India its maiden bronze medal in the esports category of the CWG 2022.

Game 1

New Zealand drafted for a super late game comp as their lineup included Zeus and Spectre, heroes who need a lot of farm. India picked up a more balanced lineup in response. Earthshaker and Ember Spirit for the mid-game while Juggernaut for the late-stage dominance.

India had a good start as they picked up the first blood. Using the lead, their heroes got quick items, further helping the team win skirmishes against the New Zealand team. Within 20 minutes, India had a 16k gold lead, 25 kills on the board, and had started attacking the enemy team’s top barracks.

After taking Roshan, the Indian team pushed for New Zealand’s Dire Ancient and successfully won the game in the 30th minute. With this victory, they got a 1-0 lead in the series.

Game 2:

The draft of both teams looked more solid in the second game. New Zealand chose Juggernaut and Dragon Knight for late-game while Windranger and Beastmaster could carry them from the mid-game. India picked Tusk, Puck, and Marci for their crowd control abilities while getting Razor and Phantom Assassin for the late game.

Similar to game one, India got the first blood in this match too in the bottom lane. They also got 10 kills and a 3k gold lead within 9 minutes since the start. But New Zealand was able to push back and win skirmishes by outnumbering Indian players.

With 21 kills, New Zealand recovered from the gold deficit and even get a 1k lead within the 30-minute mark. They then got the Roshan and started pushing for the enemy’s base. They almost got mega creeps but India managed to push back. India got the second Roshan and finally was able to close the game after a long 51 minutes.

This bronze medal will count as India’s first major victory in esports on the international stage. The DOTA 2 team will feel proud as they have earned a medal for the country and also showed the opportunities that esports can provide to the best players.

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