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Counter Strike 2 Copied these features from Valorant

Counter Strike 2 Copied these features from Valorant

Counter Strike 2 Copied these features from Valorant: The testing phase for the most awaited game Counter Strike 2 is officially been released by Valves Corporation for limited players. Valve’s Counter-Strike 2 promises to deliver better performance than any game in the franchise has done. Some famous YouTubers like shroud, Tarik, and Smooya got the chance to play the game in the testing period and entertain the audience. Valve’s also confirmed that the final launch of CSGO -2 will be in the summer of 2023 for the fans.

During the stream of the various YouTubers who got the chance to enjoy the game in the testing phase have noticed various new features that have been added by the developers. Smooya, a British pro player who recently played for the likes of BIG, Movistar Riders, and Fnatic, was one of the first to go live in CS2. he has discovered found a feature in CS-Go2 that has been reported borrowed from Valorant. Some of them are mentioned below:

Sound Radius Feature in Counter Strike 2

CS2 sound radar

Circle around a player’s icon on the minimap (Image via

CS Go 2 has introduced a new feature inspired by Valorant, which is a circle around a player’s icon on the minimap. It is believed that this circle represents the audio range of the player’s footsteps, as it disappears when the player moves or jumps silently. This feature is designed to provide players with a better understanding of their surroundings and their potential exposure to enemy players. Overall, this new addition is aimed at enhancing the gaming experience of CS Go 2 players.

Kill Indicator in HUD

The new feature in CS2, which introduces a stack of cards that appear in the middle of the HUD and increase by one for each kill made in the round, is different from previous versions of the game. However not exactly this feature is inspired by Valorant but up to some extent.

This feature provides players with a visual representation of their performance, allowing them to track their progress throughout the round. Additionally, earning an “ace” at five kills provides players with a sense of achievement and recognition, which was not present in previous versions of the game. Overall, this new feature enhances the gameplay experience for players and sets CS2 apart from previous versions.

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