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Counter-Strike 2 BETA: Rumors and reports suggest CSGO 2 might release soon with various new features


Counter-Strike 2 BETA: Rumors and reports suggest CSGO 2 might release soon with various new features – There have been many rumors circulating regarding Valve’s upcoming new game—Counter-Strike 2. The second installment of the massively popular game which gave birth to competitive FPS esports might soon go into beta testing. According to rumors and reports by various individuals, here is everything we know about CSGO 2 and its beta.

Counter-Strike 2 BETA: Rumors and reports suggest CSGO 2 might release soon with various new features

Despite having competition from other games like VALORANT, CS:GO has a massive player base even after 10 years of its release. But for some time, many players have been asking for a newer game version with upgraded graphics and extra features.

While the devs have not given an indication about working on a Counter-Strike 2 project, the latest rumors paint a different story. In a recent NVIDIA driver update, players found CS:GO 2 executable files.

Veteran CS:GO reporter Richard Lewis states Counter-strike 2 is coming very soon

Richard Lewis, who is a veteran in the field CS:GO reporting, revealed more information about Valve’s upcoming game. In his Twitter post, he said, “I’m as surprised as everyone but it turns out not only is Counter-Strike 2 real but it’s coming very soon.”

He provided more details about the game’s development and also told that the beta for Counter-Strike 2 will begin on April 1.

Rumored new features in Counter-Strike 2

The most obvious upgrade in Counter-Strike 2 will be its game engine. The current CS:GO runs on the original Source engine which despite being updated continuously, was made in 2004.

Valve’s latest game engine is Source 2 which was released in 2014. Many games like Dota2, Artifact, Dota Underlords, and Half-Life: Alyx are using it. Hence, Counter-Strike 2 might also use it.

Back in July 2022, some leakers had revealed the names of CS:GO maps within the Source 2 engine. Was this an indication of Valve rebuilding these maps in the Source 2 engine? We might know soon.

In his report, Richard Lewis also mentioned that the upcoming game will also feature 128 tick servers and an improved matchmaking system.

Apart from playing CS:GO, players have also spent the decade collecting multitudes of in-game skins for their guns and other accessories. Skin sales and loot boxes are a major source of revenue for Valve and an iconic part of the game. Hence Valve might not remove the skins owned by players when they jump to the newer Counter-Strike game.

Every information we have mentioned is still speculative as the devs have not yet officially announced anything. But with the rumored dates for Counter-Strike 2 beta coming next month, this might change soon.

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