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CODM World Championship 2022 Stage 5 Location and Date Revealed: Check Details

CODM World Championship 2022 Stage 5 Location and Date Revealed: Check Details

CODM World Championship 2022 Stage 5 Location and Date Revealed: Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2022 Is finally at its last stage. Stage 5 of this year’s CODM World Championship is just 2 months away from us. After the long wait since 2019, the players are finally going to witness the first ever LAN finals of the CoD Mobile World Championship, Moreover, that is not all. Keep reading to know all the excitement Activision has planned for us in this year’s last month.

CODM World Championship 2022 Stage 5 Location and Date Revealed

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship is the biggest CODM Competitive event. The event started in 2019 and since then there has been a total of 4 seasons including this year. And finally, after the long wait, it is happening. The fans will be able to watch their favorite teams and players gather at the same spit and fight for victory. Activision has finally brought us the first-ever LAN finals of the CODM World Championship 2022. Here is what Bobby has to say.

As you can see in the video he said that finally, it is happening. He also mentioned that the event is going to take place just in his backyard. It means that this year’s stage 5 LAN Event is going to take place in Raleigh, North Carolina in USA. Now the interesting part is that stage 5 of the world championship is going to take place alongside three different events. The official account confused the date. In the tweet below you can see that it says the event will start on the 2md of December. However, just after the tweet, the official account replied to themselves correcting the date and providing the correct date.

So make sure to be free from the 15th of December till the 18th of December and support your favorite teams. The interesting part is that the world championship will take place alongside some other Call of Duty Tournaments that include the Call of Duty Major League 1 Tournament, Call of Duty Endowment Bowl, and Call of Duty Challengers Open. December will surely prove to be a huge month for Activision. The Excitement will be a lot more. Make sure to stay tuned with us for more future updates on the topic.

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