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CoD Warzone Mobile Leaks: Dolphin Dive Mechanism and Much More

CoD Warzone Mobile Leaks: Dolphin Dive Mechanism and Much More

CoD Warzone Mobile Leaks: Dolphin Dive Mechanism and Much More- Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is soon going to release. With all the new leaks and alpha versions of the game, the hype for Warzone Mobile has increased by a lot. The players are keenly waiting for the release of this game. Recently some interesting leaks about this new game have been revealed. Keep Reading to know more about these leaks.

CoD Warzone Mobile Leaks: Dolphin Dive Mechanism and Much More

First of All, let’s talk about the release date of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. While the actual release date of the game is not revealed, the battle royale platform is going to release in the year 2023. The game is going to kick off with the Verdansk map. This new game will have various things like Buy stations, Gulag and even finishing moves. Overall, you could say that the mobile version of Mobile will have almost everything that we have seen in the original version of Warzone.

Now the most exciting part about the game is that in each match there will be real 120 players with 0 bots. No bots mean that we will get to experience a lot of action. This thing has not been seen in any game before as in any battle royale game there are over 40% bots in each match. Another exciting thing about the game is that it runs on the same unified card tech as the PC and console versions of Warzone. This means that the new mobile title will be connected to the other CoD games that include MW 2 and Warzone 2.

As you can see in the tweet, weapons, battle pass, and even chats will carry over to the different franchises.  This is an amazing thing as your progress will carry over to all the versions.  Activision is surely working hard on this new title. Warzone Mobile will also have a Dolphin Dive mechanism in it. This move was seen in one of the alpha builds of the game.

It surely is going to be a long wait for this game. Check Out the Youtube videos of Squally for more details. The fans and the community undoubtedly have high expectations from Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. Make sure to stay tuned with us for more news.

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