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COD Mobile Zero day Draw: Get Kitsune Kyubi with KN-44 Blueprint; Check Details

COD Mobile Zero day Draw: Get Kitsune Kyubi with KN-44 Blueprint; Check Details

COD Mobile Zero day Draw: Get Kitsune Kyubi with KN-44 Blueprint- Following the Season 7 celebration and the new addition, it has been a massive hit globally. Players are too happy to explore the battle with a great new style and with an antique showoff. Moreover, players also get to receive some epic and mythic items by spending some money on the lucky draws which come in the season rapidly. To bring back a new excitement in the game, players will again be going to experience a new Draw with brand new rewards. The upcoming Lucky draw is all set to rock in the crease and grab some new fans.

The upcoming lucky draw named Zero day draw is featuring a new Kitsune -Kyubi character skin and a new KN-44 Mystic Fox blueprint and also an inclusion of some mini rewards. So, get a chance to gather something new for your in-game collection. The KN-44 – Mystic fox is too hot to handle because it possesses some unique animation effects. With 2 to 3 kills the gun color changes. Follow us for more updates.

COD Mobile Zero day Draw: Get Kitsune Kyubi with KN-44 Blueprint

The next Zero Day is going to get featured in the game on 25th August at 5 PM PT and will continue for the following days. First of all, players need to remember that they must have enough diamonds to spin the draw and win the main rewards. Users who are new to the game can follow the rule of the lucky draw because this event works completely differently from others. Take a glimpse below of the lucky draw regulations:

  • All the rewards in the draw are guaranteed with a spin of 1800 CP.
  • Once the reward is claimed it will be removed from the draw leading to a rise in the probability to win the main rewards.
  • Also with each spin, the CP price will increase.

Rewards of the upcoming Zero Day Draw

Here is the list of the rewards :

  • Cool Down Emote.
  • Golden Fox- Backpack skin.
  • Forest Spirit.
  • Golden Fox- Thumper Skin.
  • Golden Fox- ORV skin.
  • Golen Fox- PP19 Bizon blueprint.
  • Golden Fox- Parachute skin.
  • Fox Goddess- Calling Card.
  • Mystic Fox- KN-44.
  • Kitsune- Kyubi.

Here is the price of CP with each spin:

  • 1st Spin- 10 CP 
  • 2nd Spin- 30 CP
  • 3rd Spin-  50 CP
  • 4th Spin-  120 CP
  • 5h Spin-  200 CP
  • 6th Spin- 320 CP
  • 7th Spin- 520 CP
  • 8th Spin- 800 CP
  • 9th Spin- 1100 CP
  • 10th Spin- 1800 CP

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