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CoD Mobile: Top 5 Streamers of Call of Duty Mobile to watch

CoD Mobile: Top 5 Streamers of Call of Duty Mobile to watch

CoD Mobile: Top 5 Streamers of Call of Duty Mobile to watch – COD Mobile is the mobile version of the famous Call of Duty franchise published by Activision in October 2019. The game features a lot of competitive things like great gun skins, outfits, vibrant BR flavor, in-game optimizations, and more. The main thing about this game that makes it worth playable is its in-game graphic balancing. The game runs as smoothly as a piece of cake also in low devices like 2GB and above. Moreover, the game works differently on the battlefield. Here users need to especially make their gun’s loadout for themselves to make them overpowering and suitable. 

Apart from that a majority of players sometimes want to know the best streamers as well as gamers globally of COD MObile. They don’t need to worry because we have made a lot of top 5 best COD MObile streamers for you to watch and to learn about the game. Follow us for more updates.

CoD Mobile: Top 5 Streamers of Call of Duty Mobile to watch


i-Ferg is literally one of the best and most accurate COD MObile players in recent times. He has been the biggest COD mobile streamer and YouTuber since the launch of COD MObile way back in 2019. i-Ferg has hit the 1st position many times in the game. Currently, he has 2.55M subscribers on his youtube channel. As per your kind information, his channel name is i-Ferg. As if now he doesn’t do live streams, he only makes a montage, best guns, best loadouts, and challenge videos on his channel. 

I-Ferg frequently changes his in-game name therefore many gamers don’t recognise him both in ranked or normal matches. His current stats are unable to be viewed because they are hidden but players can use his official UID – 6741328539029078017 to view his profile. So, go fast and send friend requests to your fav COD Mobile streamers.


He is also a popular Youtuber and streamer. The main thing about him is that he has another playability in COd mObile and also has some funny vibes. His entertaining vibes create a whole humorous moment. Currently, Booby Plays have 822K Subscribers. He also provided a versatile type of COD MObile video like montage, challenges, live streams, and more.



AnonymousYT is also one of the top COD Mobile content creators. He has over 730K subscribers on YouTube. AnonymousYT provides content on tips and tricks and leaks of COD Mobile. Moreover, players can surely follow this Channel if they really want to enhance their in-game playability.

Parker the Slayer 

He is a professional player of COD Mobile and has a youtube channel with 300 thousand subscribers. He mainly provides cool tips and tricks, challenges, montage video,s and live streams. He also uploads the latest news and leaks of COD Mobile.


He is Jamaican PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile gamer and YouTuber with 1.12 million subscribers. Yanrique frequently plays BR and MP modes in the game with special tactics and playability. Apart from that he also aims to entertain his fans by streaming and his innovative gaming thoughts. Currently, his in-game stats are disabled. Players can send friend requests to see his current season performance.

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