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CoD Mobile Season 9 Patch Notes: Check out the upcoming updates in BR Mode of Call of Duty Mobile Season 9

CoD Mobile Season 9 Patch Notes: Check out the upcoming updates in BR Mode of Call of Duty Mobile Season 9

CoD Mobile Season 9 Patch Notes: Check out the upcoming updates in BR Mode of Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 – The Upcoming Season 9 of COD Mobile is all set to get kicked off in the game with more new content and changes. Players globally are too excited to explore its unique features and rewards. As we know, the developers never stop introducing interesting and engaging themes in the game. This time, as per the leaks, players will witness the Halloween terror again in the game itself. With that, a new Halloween theme BP and seasonal challenges will also be in the competition.

On the other hand, players often look for the major gun adjustments in the game which somehow lead them to support the whole season with its versatile ability. As per the game format, a majority of guns get buffs as well as nerfs, which brought a significant balance to the lobby. This mainly helps the players to use the meta ones and to grind themselves to their fullest.

CoD Mobile Season 9 Patch Notes

  • Damage Increased by 55-60 -> 80-75.
  • Range adjusted by 560m to 35m.
  • Removed recoil penalty.
  • Added upper and lower arm MP upto 1x -> 1.2x.
  • Damage bonuses to 85-77.
  • New engagement added: 30m-> 8m-30m.
  • Damage profile adjusted: 90-75 -> 91-90-75.
  • STF Delay reduced: 0.24s -> 0.23s.
  • ADS time penalty reduced: 7% -> 4%.
  • Fire interval penalty reduced: 15% -> 10%.
  • First range damage increase: 25 -> 26.
  • First range reduced: 8m to 7m.
  • Lower arm multiplier increased: 1x -> 1.1x.
  • ADS movement speed increased by 10%.
  • Horizontal recoil reduces by 40%.
  • ADS movement speed increased by 3%.
Type 24
  • Vertical recoil penalty reduced: 20% -> 10%.
  • Horizontal Recoil penalty reduced: 15% -> 10%.
  • ADS time penalty removed.
  • Stomach Multiplier increased: 1x -> 1.1x.
  • Headshot Multiplier increased: 1.2x -> 1.3x.
  • First range damage increased : 15m -> 20m.
  • Chest multiplier increased: 1x -> 1.2x.
  • Headshot multiplier increased: 1.3x -> 1.4x.
  • Damage increased: 30-27-22 to 30-28-24.
  • Upper arm multiplier reduced: 1.2x to 1.15x.
  • Reduced Burst Delay: 240mx -> 220ms.
  • Increased Damage: 31-25-19 to 31-28-23-19.
  • Range increased: 16-20-50m to 18-24-50m.
  • BSA improved by 17%.

Peacekeeper MK2(Nerfed)
  • Reduced ADS movement speed boost from agile stock.
  • Range reduced: 14-25-40m to 13-21-40m.
  • Reduced hit flinch boost from firm tape.
  • No. of IR projectiles increased: 3-> 4.
Hawk x3
  • Increased Damage: 30-23-28 to 36-23-18.
  • Range increased: 15-37m to 20-37m.
XS1 Goliath
  • Increased damage: 40-30-22 to 40-36-22.
  • Increased movement speed.

Reduced Score cost: 1190-> 1090.

  • Reduced Drone Count: 6-> 5.

This time, Chopper, peacekeeper, and QQ9 have got some awesome buffs where other previously overpowered guns have gotten nerfed. Follow this article to know the changes done in the majority of COD Mobile weapons in season 9.

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