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CoD Mobile Season 8 Leaks: New Map, Release Date, and More 

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CoD Mobile Season 8 Leaks: New Map, Release Date, and More – Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 is soon going to release. And the recent leaks from the test server of the game are looking super interesting. The test server had a variety of content including a new map, a new operator class, and much more. The developers are surely working hard to give us the best of the seasons. Nevertheless, here are all the details you need to know about CoD Mobile Season 8.

CoD Mobile Season 8 Leaks: New Map, Release Date, and More

Call of Duty Mobile has always been fond of giving us the best content. And season 8 is also looking pretty amusing. We are getting a variety of things including a new weapon map and much more. Here are all the things that will be coming in the upcoming season.

  • New Weapons
    • Butterfly Knife (Melee): This new melee is undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest things that we get in season8. The fast melee has been seen in many other Call of Duty games and it surely will be fun to use.
    • ZRG – Sniper Rifle: A new sniper is also going to release in this update. This new sniper is a very powerful weapon and is full of potential if in the right hands.
    • New Lethal – C4: This New Lethal Weapon is none other than the famous explosive C4. It will surely be interesting to use in the upcoming games.
  • New Battle Royale Class: A new class known as the Igniter Class is also expected in the new season. On top of being an amazing weapon, this class will also give you higher resistance to explosive damage and will lower the impact of negative status.
  • New Map – Express Map: A new map straight from CoD Black Ops 2 is going to release this season.

These are the things that will be coming in CoD Mobile Season 8. Make sure to check out all the things when they release and also make sure to stay tuned with us for more future updates.

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