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CoD Mobile Season 7 Leaks: New Mythic Skin, Reaper Ashura Redux, and More

Call of Duty Season

CoD Mobile Season 7 Leaks: New Mythic Skin, Reaper Ashura Redux, and More – Call of Duty Mobile has always been one of the best games when it comes to new content and skins. The recent season that is season 6 got us a lot of exciting content and after taking a look at season 7 leaks, you would surely expect even more in season 7. This article will tell you everything about CoD Mobile Season 7 that we know until now.

CoD Mobile Season 7 Leaks:

Call of Duty Mobile is a game that never disappoints us in any way regarding gameplay experience. Especially the legendary and mythic skins are always something to look forward to. And CODM Season 7 has some exciting surprises for us. The developers surely have been improving the game with every season. Here are some of the leaks we learned about CoD Mobile Season 7.

  • First off we got the multiplayer changes, the players can expect to get a new lethal in the upcoming season of the game.
  • Along with the lethal, the developers are working on a new mythic and legendary. Some interesting draws that have been seen in the Chinese version of the game have also yet to release in the global version. Following the pattern, we could expect the Lin Cage lucky draw that will include a legendary Akk17 and a new interesting character.
  • The users can also look forward to the redux of the legendary skin Reaper-Ashura, which was released in the last season 7 of the game. Also, a new collaboration with the famous fictional movie Godzilla can be expected next season.

These were some of the things that we can expect. While all these leaks sound amazing, they are just leaks and rumors in the end and none of them are certain. So make sure to not get too excited. The expected release date of next season will be near the 7th of August. Make sure to stay tuned with us for more future updates.

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