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COD Mobile Season 7: Crossbow has arrived; How to get it? Challenges and Rewards

COD Mobile Season 7: Crossbow has arrived; How to get it?

Call of Duty Mobile Update Season 7: Crossbow has arrived; How to get it? Season 7 of COD Mobile brought many new subjects into the game. Like the buffs and nerfs of some guns, new maps, and more. On the other hand, it has also brought two more new weapons to be unlocked in COD Mobile, the Hades and now the Crossbow. The new weapon Hades falls under the category of light machine gun. CALL OF DUTY MOBILE SEASON 7 LEAKS

Hades was the first addition to the armory of season 7 whereas the Crossbow is the latest one. As the crossbow was not in the game since the start of the new season, players will have to unlock the crossbow through a seasonal challenge. As the crossbow is not in any tier of the battle pass, players can earn it themselves by going through the event section. They will have to invest some time in multiplayer to complete those events. CALL OF DUTY MOBILE Update

How to get the Crossbow in COD Mobile Season 7:

Firstly, to get the crossbow the players must complete the seasonal challenge named “Target Practice”. They can find it in the event section on the COD Mobile main screen. The Players will have to complete a total of seven challenges in the event. The completion of each challenge will give a special reward to the players. After completing all seven challenges, they will get the crossbow. COD Mobile Season 7 CROSSBOW

call of duty mobile crossbow

Here are all seven challenges list, and the rewards for each:

  1. Use the Sparrow Operator Skill five times in MP matches: 200 Credits and 1,000 Battle Pass XP
  2. Kill five enemies with the Sparrow Operator Skill in MP matches: 15 Weapon XP Cards and 1,000 Battle Pass XP
  3. Earn One Shot, One kill medal five times in MP matches: MW11 (Scarab) and 2,000 Battle Pass XP
  4. Kill 15 enemies with Pistol in any mode: Striker (Scarab) and 3,000 Battle Pass XP
  5. Kill 15 enemies with Shotgun in any mode: The Big Guns and 3,000 Battle Pass XP
  6. Kill 25 enemies with any Shotgun equipped with five attachments: Fennec (Colorweave) and 4,000 Battle Pass XP
  7. Win five MP matches with the Toughness Perk equipped: Crossbow and 5,000 Battle Pass XP

Note: The Players need to complete all six challenges to get in the final challenge. Once all seven challenges are completed, the Crossbow will be unlocked for use.

For players who want to strengthen their loadout with a long-range secondary weapon, Crossbow is definitely a great option to grind for. Players can pair it with a close-range primary weapon like Shotguns and SMGs and cover a lot of ground while in mid to long-range fights.

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