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CoD Mobile season 6: All You Need to Know About the upcoming season

CoD Mobile season 6: All You Need to Know About the upcoming season
CoD Mobile season 6: All You Need to Know About the upcoming season

CoD Mobile season 6: All You Need to Know About the upcoming season. As we all know that this season of Call of Duty Mobile provided us with a decent amount of new stuff. The next season, which is CoD Mobile season 6, is going to be even more amazing. Recently Test servers were added and we got to see a look at the new and amazing stuff from the test build. And that’s not only the case, developers have even confirmed that soon we are going to get even more new test servers.

These leaks have not disappointed us, not even in the least. The next season is surely going to be one of the best seasons in the game. First off, we got the new updates in which we can change the frame rate To ultra but in mp mode only. The ultra frame rate will give us an experience of 120 FPS that surely is super exciting, But the option will only be available for graphics low and medium.

Then, we also got the updates in battle royale by which we can change the hit hint color. Also, we are going to have the update to customize our kill effects on any gun. Now Moving on, to the new things we are going to get in the next season.

Dynamic Armor: Nothing about this armor is known yet but most probably it will give the players protection for a certain time from the opponents. This armor is going to be in the operator skills section.

Swarm: This new scorestreak will give us a bunch of hunter-killer drones and will be available after attaining 1100 points.

Martyrdom: This new red perk is going to be very useful in search and destroys, as this perk gives you the ability to detonate a bomb after dying that will help you kill your opponent easily if they are careless.

Shield Grenade: We are going to get a new tactical grenade that will create a shield-like structure that will break the line of sight of the opponents giving you a very big advantage.

We are getting some new game modes as well that as the ‘Face off’ and ‘Stack’ That is surely going to be fun. And finally, the developers are going to give us the mao monastery, the mao for which many players are waiting to be released in the next season.

A new Battle Royale mode is also going to come that is the solid gold mode in which the players will be playing for themselves. No revival flights or revives will be available in that mode and that is surely going to be hard but even more fun as well. We are also expected to get a new sniper rifle that is the RYTEC AMR and an SMG that is the MX9 SMG in the near updates but not much about these guns is revealed. Also, we are going to get a new melee that is the wrench and most probably be available in the middle of the season. And the last update is going to be some new features in the profile section followed by some new UI changes.

That said it’s all we know about the new leaks and updates about the latest season and will be giving you more information about the leaks as we get them.

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