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CoD Mobile Season 5 Crossfade Lucky Draw: All You Need To Know

Crossfade Lucky Draw
CoD Mobile Season 5 Crossfade Lucky Draw: All You Need To Know

CoD Mobile Season 5 Crossfade Lucky Draw: All You Need To Know- Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 is here. And along with it has also come a variety of new and exciting content. First, we got the new map Apocalypse and some amazing daily login rewards. The battle pass of this season is also pretty good. Moreover, this will be the first-ever female leaded battle pass. However, the most interesting thing this season is the new legendary gun. The new crossfade draw will be arriving on the 6th of June and this article will tell you everything about this new CODM Season 5 Lucky Draw and its cost.

Get CoD Mobile Season 5 Crossfade Lucky Draw

This new CoD Mobile Season 5 Crossfade Lucky Draw is surely something you would need in the future. While the cost of the draw is high, there is no certainty of your luck. It sure would be worth a while to check out your luck in this new draw. Moreover, legendary skins of snipers are not something that we get regularly. And on top of all this, the new legendary skin is of the best sniper of all time in the game DL Q33. So it would surely not hurt you to buy this new lucky draw. The killing effect and the skin animation are also not half bad. It may be true that other skins are not that good-looking. But it surely is not wise to let go of such a beautiful gun.

Along with the legendary skin, we also got the new operator skin. That surely makes the legendary draw worth it. The combination of these two is just absolutely amazing.

CoD Mobile Season 5 Crossfade Lucky Draw

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 has just been released and the first lucky draw of the season will be arriving on 6 June, next week. This new lucky draw is named the Crossfade draw and the new legendary skin of this is somewhat based on a musical theme. This new lucky draw is sure to amuse you. Let’s take a look at all the things users will get in the new CODM Season 5 Crossfade Lucky Draw. Here is the list of rewards and CoDM lucky draw cost.

  • Epic Operator – Siren:  Synesthesia
  • Legendary DL Q33 – Bass Booster
  • Epic Machete – Autotuner
  • Epic Emote – Dance Off
  • Epic EMP – 150 BM
  • Rally Car – 150 BM
  • Legendary Calling Card – Table Turner
  • Epic J358 – 150 BM
  • Epic QXR – 150 BM
  • Epic Parachute – 150 BM

CoDM lucky draw cost can be different as per your region. These are all the things that the new crossfade draw will be offering you. While all the other things are pretty average, the DLQ skin is absolutely fire. It is surely something that you would not want to miss. Make sure to get this new lucky draw. For more information click here.  Also, make sure to stay tuned with us for more updates.

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