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CoD Mobile Season 4: Top 5 Meta Weapons of Call of Duty Mobile Season 4, Check Details

CoD Mobile Season 4: Top 5 Meta Weapons of Call of Duty Mobile Season 4, Check Details

CoD Mobile Season 4: Top 5 Meta Weapons of Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 –Season 4 of COD Mobile’s “Veiled Uprising’’ is live now with a bunch of enormous items, optimizations, in-game changes, and more. This update has also brought a vibrant battle pass theme with two new weapons. Moreover, the brand new name Ots9 is breaking all the meta. Players globally were looking for further changes in the game and the developer has no doubt fulfilled their cravings.

CoD Mobile Season 4: Top 5 Meta Weapons of Call of Duty Mobile Season 4, Check Details

As per the game format, most guns get buffs and nerfs, which brought a significant balance to the lobby. This mainly helps the players to use the meta ones and to grind themselves to their fullest. This time QQ9 is still in the powerful section including the CBR4 and others have got some buffs where awesome other previously overpowered guns have gotten nerfed. Let’s know in this article the Top 5 meta weapons in the season that players can try to enhance their playability.


 The Ots 9 Smg is the brand new gun in CoD Mobile. The gun provides the best possible ways for the players to slay two to three enemies in a single spray. Moreover, the gun is now the leading fire rate weapon in the game.  The gun attribute is quite similar to the switchblade but to be honest it edges out the switchblade concerning movement speed, ADS timing, recoil, and bullet spread. Choosing Ots 9 over other SMGs will surely pull up your expectations. 


After the recent season 4 update the old Cordite has got a huge buff and has made its way back in the meta list. It’s buff including the damage range which generally increases the headshot multiplier by 0.2%. Moreover, its decent ADs time and movement speed combine to give an overpowering competition on the battlefield.


The gun is still on the meta list. None other than a god this season, especially in movement and giggle combats. The gun is literally in the meta list from the last few seasons which directly makes the gun worth it and inevitable. Because of its versatile characteristics, the gun enhances the power and increases the probability of winning almost every fight similar to the ARs. Being an SMG the gun gives ruthless competition to the ARs, Marksman, and other overpowered weapons in COD Mobile.


The only which was mostly used by the players in the past seasons but got underrated due to the inclusion of new weapons. But now the gun has got a huge buff leading its way back in the squad simultaneously. The only superfast gun in the game till now. It was added to the game in season 2022. The gun becomes toxic at some point because of its continuous overpowering damage. The gun has all the qualities which make it compatible with MP matches. It has a high fire rate, with aggressive damage, and also has a decent movement speed.

PP19 and QQ9

QQ9 is in the meta again. The gun is the standard definition of what players should need. It has a very fast fire rate with 105 mobility. According to Godzly, “Any weapon which is over 100 mobility is extremely good and it also has great damage in the close and mid-range.”

The PP19 SMG is still in the meta group leading to being the most used and dominating weapon in almost every mode. Especially because of this combat system the gun is too vibrant. As compared to the last update, Bizon has made a serious comeback among us this season. Moreover, the exciting part is that it can now provide 3 hots up to 8 meters with immense damage. Using this gun, especially in hardpoint, domination, etc will surely offer you the expected progress.

The above meta list reflects the writer’s view. Many more buffs and nerfs are in the game, so players can explore for their modification.

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