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CoD Mobile Season 3 Patch Notes: Major Weapon Adjustments and more coming with CODM Season 3 Patch Notes

CoD Mobile Season 3 Patch Notes: Major Weapon Adjustments and more coming with CODM Season 3 Patch Notes

CoD Mobile Season 3 Patch Notes: Season 2 of CoD Mobile is at the end and will soon be included in the following days. Individuals are eagerly waiting for its next replacement which is Season 3. As per the leaks, CODM Season 3 looks quite impressive and is sure to be one of the mega updates in CoD Mobile. Dozens of new addition are to be made in the next update regarding a vibrant BP theme, new map, characters, optimization, and more.

Following the season 3 leaks, the developers have also put some weapon adjustments to balance the meta and also to enhance the gamer’s playability. This time a lot of weapons are getting balanced from up to down. Gamers can now try them in the new updates and can charge up their battle with full slaying gameplay.

CoD Mobile Season 3 Patch Notes: Major Weapon Adjustments and more coming with CODM Season 3 Patch Notes

The current Season 2 was released back in February 2023, so the next Season i.e Season 3 is officially going to kick off on 29th March 2023. Along with the addition of new features, the developers are introducing brand new special theme content.

As per leaks, the new season will be added with a new Sniper HDR. The leaks suggest the customization of some weapons. Here are some of the weapon adjustments in Season 3:

  • AK117 
    • Reduced Horizontal Recoil and Reduced Reload time from 1.73s to 1.47s. 
    • Reduced ADS time.
  • AK47
    • Reduced ADS Time.
    • Reduced Reload Time.
  • BK57
    • Reduced Recoil.
  • LK24
    • Increased Damage.
    • MP: 26-24-19 > 28-24-19/
    • BR: 26-24> 28-24.
    • Increased Chest Multiplier by 1.1>1.2.
  • Peacekeeper MK2
    • Reduced ADS BSA: 17(15)> 17(9).
    • Reduced Hit Flinch: 0.6 > 0.55.
  • Outlaw
    • Increased Had Multiplier: 1.5> 2.4.
    • Increased Range: 8-12> 8-30.
  • S36(MP Only)
    • Increased Head Multiplier: 1>1.2.
    • Increased UIpper Arm Multiplier: 1>1.1
  • QQ9
    • Increased Base  Damage: 25-22-17-15> 28-23-17-15.
  • Switchblade X9
    • Increased Arm Multiplier: 1.1> 1.2.
    • Increased Lower Arm Multiplier: 1>1.05.
  • HS0405
    • Increased Movement Speed: 4.96ms to 5.05ms.
    • Increased Sprint Speed: 6.45ms to 6.57.
    • Increased ADS Movement Speed: 2.98 ms to 3.03 ms.
    • Reduced Sprint to Fire Time: 180ms to 150ms.
  • Tempest (BR Only)
    • Greatly Reduced Charge Time.
    • Greatly Increased ADS Speed and ADS Movement Speed.
    • Now Requires Reload after each shot.
    • It Consumes 60 special ammo per shot.

Season 3 is sure to be one of the game-changing updates. Users must stay tuned in order to experience something exclusive and dashing in CoD Mobile.

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