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CoD Mobile Season 2 Leaks: Check Balance changes of CoD Mobile Season 2 Test Server

CoD Mobile Season 2 Leaks: Check Balance changes of CoD Mobile Season 2 Test Server

CoD Mobile Season 2 Leaks: Check Balance changes of CoD Mobile Season 2 Test Server – Call of Duty keeps improving players’ gameplay experience every season. The devs are always working hard to get us the best gameplay experience. The call of Duty Mobile Season 2 test server showed us a lot of interesting things. The guns have been altered a lot and a lot of buffs and nerf updates have been made. Almost every gun got a change. Here are the balance changes we saw in the season 2 test server.

CoD Mobile Season 2 Leaks: Check Balance changes of CoD Mobile Season 2 Test Server

Here are the Details.

  • HBRa3
    •  Improved ADS time from 250ms to 245ms
    •  Decreased initial recoil
  • BK57
    •  Improved hit flinch from 0.75 to 0.7
    •  Improved ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy from 21(7) to 20(7) [=6.28 to =6.51]
    •  Decreased initial recoil.
  • Man-O-War
    • Improved reload speed by 30%
    •  Decreased ADS time from 260ms to 260ms ON DUTY
  • ICR-1
    •  Improved range profile from (0-20m, 20-35m] to 0m-20m, 20-37 m]
    •  Decreased the recoil shift on the 3rd shot
  • EM2
    • Improved Bullet Speed
    •  Reload time decreased from 2.5s/3s to 2.2s/2.65
    • Damage profile improved from 36-32-22 to 36-32-27 [BR ONLY
    •  27.4″ Ranger Barrel
    •  Decreased Bullet Velocity boost from 90% to 70%
    •  Decreased ADS time Penalty from 15% to 10%
    •  Decreased ADS Movement Speed penalty from 15% to 10%
    •  40-R Extended Mag
    •  Decreased ADS time penalty from 10% to 7%
  • MSMC
    • Improved range profile from [0-7m, 7-14m, 14-19m] to [0-8m, 8-15m, 15-19 m]
    • Improved recoil of the first 4 shots
    •  Decreased reload Speed by 25%
    •  36-R Extended Mag
    •  Changed to 40-R Extended Mag
  • QXR
    •  Improved arm multiplier from 1x to 1.1x
  • MX9
    • Decreased horizontal recoil.
  • LAPA
    • Improved bullet speed from 300m/s to 450m/s
    • Improved range profile from [0-8m, 8-16m, 16-30m to (0-10m, 10-17 m, 17-30m]
  • Dingo
    •  Improved range profile from [0-12m, 12-20m] to [0-15m, 15-22 m]
    • Improved damage profile from 28-24-19 to 28-24-22 [BR ONLY]
    • Fixed mobility bug in BR.
  • Echo
    •  Increased pellets per shot from 8 to 9
  • AK-47
    • Fixed an issue in which wrong damage values were displayed in BR. D
    • Damage profile from 25-21-19-20 to 25-21-20 BR ONLY
    • Improved damage profile from 25-21-16-15 to 25-21-17-i5 [MP ONLY]
  • M16
    •  Wild Fire
    • Added a 15% flinch penalty
    •  Adjusted recoil
  • Krio 6 ER
    •  Increased ADS time from 250ms to 260ms
    • Extended Mon A Fost Extended Mag: Added a 1% mobility penalty.
    • Large extended Mag B, Fast Extended Mag B: Added a 3% mobility penalty.
  • JAK-12
    • Increased Hipfire Spread from 330(170) to 340(200)
    • Decreased profile damage from 17-8-7-6 to 16-8-6-5
  • CBR4
    •  Increased reload time
    •  YKM Light Stock
    •  Decreased ADS movement speed boost.
  • DL Q33
    • Maewatt Omega-1 [BR ONLY]
    • Decreased bullet velocity by 30%
    • Decreased bullet velocity br 10% 10 125
  • YKM Light Stock [ALL WEAPONS]
    • Fixed an issue in which the ADS movement speed bonus wasn’t listed correctly.
  • Cryo Nade
    • Improved range from 4m to 4.5 m
  • Shadow Blade
    • Improved duration from the 20s to 30s
  • Sticky Nade
    • Improved damage from 160 to 180
  • C4
    • Decreased minimum damage from 60 to 50
    • Decreased maximum damage from 200 to
  • Igniter BR Class
    • Energy consumption increased from 5%/5% to 15%/10%
  • Medic BR Class
    •  Improved HP recovery from 6%/9% to 8%/12%
    •  Improved Armour recovery from 9%/16% to 13.5% /22.5%
    •  Improved range profile from [0-8m, 8-16m, 16-30m] to [0-10m, 10-17 m, 17-30m]
  • Airborne BR Class
    • Improved launch height by 25%
    •  Decreased recharge time from 50/40 to 40/36
  • Ballista EM3
    • Duration decreased from the 30s to the 20s
    • Decreased Capacity from 3 shots to 2 shots

Do note that these changes are all from a test server and are subject to change so don’t be excited before the official announcement has been made. Nevertheless, make sure to play in season 2 of Call of Duty Mobile, and also make sure to stay tuned with us for more future updates.

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