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COD Mobile Season 11 Upcoming Content: Check Details

COD Mobile Season 11 Upcoming Content: Check Details
COD Mobile Season 11 Upcoming Content: Check Details
CODM Season 11 Upcoming Content: Check Details: The Season 11 of CoD Mobile is currently going on. And we got to see a lot of amazing things this season. However, that’s not all. The Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 has a lot more to surprise the players with. This week, the players will be getting a lot of interesting stuff. This article will tell you everything about the upcoming CODM Season 11 Upcoming Content of this week.

CoD Mobile Season 11 Upcoming Content

Call of Duty Mobile has always been very generous and amazing when it comes to surprising the players with new and interesting content. And this week the player is in for a lot of stuff. The players will be getting a new map “Icebreaker” this week. And along with that, there will be a new Tactical Grenade as well. This new tactical Grenade is the “Decoy Grenade”. There will be a Credit Store update and much more in this week’s update as well.
However, the most interesting thing in this week’s update is the New Legendary Firebreak Draw. This new Legendary draw is amazing and I’m pretty sure many players will love to get New Legendary Operator skin and the Legendary D-13 Sector. The name of this lucky draw is Inferno Circle. And one of the best parts about this draw is the emote. The emote is amazing to show it off after winning a difficult match.
Nevertheless, make sure to play Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 and get all the amazing upcoming content. As for the timings, these things will hit the floor very soon. So there’s no need to be disappointed. Also along with these things, a lot of stuff other stuff will be released as well, so make sure to not miss all the exciting content.
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