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COD Mobile Season 10 Leaks: Check out the Upcoming Features and Content in COD Mobile Season 10

COD Mobile Season 10 Leaks: Check out the Upcoming Features and Content in COD Mobile Season 10

COD Mobile Season 10 Leaks: Check out the Upcoming Features and Content in COD Mobile Season 10. As we know, season 9 of COD Mobile, which is The Nightmare, is live now and will end on 18th November. This time, the Halloween-themed season 9 has become one of the best and desired seasons of COD Mobile. Players are enjoying this season very much. The in-game items such as costumes, gun skins, and the Battle pass provided in this season are quite impressive. Moreover, these items are a lot better as compared to season 8, which is the second-anniversary update.

The developers of COD Mobile already started working on the next season which will be launched after the end of season 9. As the season will start near December, it is expected that season 10 will get a winter-themed update. Moreover, some new modes, items, weapons are expected to come. Players should note that the test server of COD Mobile season 10 is out now for the Chinese version, featuring many in-game leaks of the season. Today, in this article we are going to showcase the leaks of COD Mobile season 10.

New Features in COD Mobile Season 10 Test Server


A new UI system is going to come in season 10. In the test server, it has been leaked where players are experiencing a new kind of UI system, which is not similar to the one we are familiar with. 


One more thing players have experienced, that now a new feature is coming in season 10 that will allow players to inspect their own weapons. These optimizations will be applied to every weapon. This change is very much exciting. It will be lit when players have awesome gun skins or pick up enemies’ weapons and examine them.

Leaked features in Test server of Call of Duty Mobile Season 10

These features have been leaked by the COD Mobile Twitter channel

  • New Modes are coming which are the Snowball Fight & Control.
  • New Function in the game – players can now get the option to delete in-game resources.
  • New props such as a new pistol, Battle Royale Class, Scorestreak, etc are going to be added.
  • Balance adjustment for some weapons.


As mentioned above, the Test Server is out now for the Chinese version, players are getting excited because many features are coming in the game, a change in in-game optimization, and more. Whereas, many players who have played the test server have reported that the game has become full of bugs, glitches and they are facing difficulty now. For this problem, the developers have scheduled the test date for a few weeks later.

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