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CoD Mobile: How to Redeem the AK-47 ‘Playmaker’ Blueprint

CoD Mobile: How to Redeem the AK-47 'Playmaker' Blueprint
CoD Mobile: How to Redeem the AK-47 'Playmaker' Blueprint

CoD Mobile: How to Redeem the AK-47 ‘Playmaker’ Blueprint: Call of Duty Mobile is giving a chance to get an amazing epic blueprint of the gun AK-47. The ‘Playmaker’ Epic blueprint of the gun will be available as a reward for the full-out survey. This is surely an amazing chance for all the CODM players to get a free epic AK-47.

CoD Mobile: How to Redeem the AK-47 ‘Playmaker’ Blueprint

The Playmaker Blueprint has been one of the best blueprints in the game that rose during the CoD Mobile World Championship 2021. We got to see the Playmaker skin of RUS-74u, M4LMG, and QXR. And now the developers are giving us a chance to get the Playmaker blueprint of the AK-47 through a Survey.

CODM surely took an amazing step of giving us this free blueprint after buffing the AK-47. There’s no doubt that you will be able to see AK-47 ‘Playmaker’ in almost every lobby now. You can click here to go to the survey, fill it and get your free AK-47 epic blueprint. Most of the questions in this survey are related to the phone Sony Xperia. This mobile phone is promoted a lot by the CoD Mobile content creators.

Once you complete the survey you need to enter your UID and you’ll get the epic blueprint in your mailbox. Also do note that this survey is only for the players who play the global version of the game.

That’s all you need to know about this new survey. The new gun skin may take some time in coming. Nevertheless, make sure to fill out this form and stay tuned with us for further Call of Duty Mobile Updates.

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