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COD Mobile Graveyard Shift Draw: Get great Rewards for free; Check Details


COD Mobile Graveyard Shift Draw: Get great Rewards for free- New Lucky Draw named The Graveyard Draw is now live in COD Mobile with epic rewards like new character skin Gunzo, Locus skin, and more. The developers of COD Mobile often introduce new draws in a season to make it much more entangling. 

Here in the newly arrived draw in season 10, players will be able to get dozens of exciting rewards. So, grab it before it actually runs off. This is the only event in which players often wait for a week to capture something spicy. Apart from that, players will also get to access other mini rewards like emote, Axe skin, and more. Follow us for more updates.

COD Mobile Graveyard Shift Draw: Get great Rewards for free

The Draw has been kicked off in the game on 22nd November and will continue for the following days. The main part of this event that makes it worth it for all is that the event raises the probability of getting the grand prize by removing the items which are claimed. After that, players need to follow the old format that is with each spin, the CP rate will increase and the items claimed will be removed from the draw. Here is the list of all the rewards in the Graveyard Shift Draw:

  • Gunzo- Anti Hero.
  • Locus- Demonic Breath.
  • QQ9- Hellish Bite.
  • Axe- Hellish Bite.
  • Shadow Stalk.
  • Dark Magic.
  • Backpack 10 Hellish Bite.
  • Igniter- Hellish Bite.
  • Parachute- Hellish Bite.
  • Knife Wielder.

Here is the price of CP after each spin:

  • 1st Spin- 10 CP.
  • 2nd Spin- 30 CP.
  • 3rd Spin-  50 CP.
  • 4th Spin-  120 CP.
  • 5h Spin-  200 CP.
  • 6th Spin- 320 CP.
  • 7th Spin- 520 CP.
  • 8th Spin- 800 CP.
  • 9th Spin- 1100 CP.
  • 10th Spin- 1800 CP.

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