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CoD Mobile FFAR1 Draw Leaks: Get New Base Melee blueprint as a reward


CoD Mobile FFAR1 Draw Leaks: Get New Base Melee blueprint as a reward- Season 4 is about to end in a few days, with which the awaited Season 5 will land with an addition of  exclusive events, a new BP theme, a Seasonal Challenge, and more. A majority of individuals are also expecting a brand-new Lucky Draw. As per the leaks, season 5 is expected to be one of the greatest in-game items of all time.  

CoD Mobile FFAR1 Draw Leaks: Get New Base Melee blueprint as a reward

A new Mythic FFAR1 Draw leaks are circulating on the internet and players are vigorously searching for it. Yes, a new Lucky Draw named FFAR1 where the base mele will get its brand new golden theme blueprint.

The actual release date of the draw is not confirmed yet but it is expected to be witnessed in the upcoming days and may stay for a few weeks. So, individuals must try their luck at least once because the melee blueprint and other items are too vibrant to handle. Here is the list of all the rewards in the upcoming Mythic FFAR1 Draw:

  • Backpack – Liquid light.
  • Crossbow- Liquid light.
  • Kickin It – Calling Card.
  • Piano Player emote.
  • Scylla- Street Sentinel.
  • Krig 6- Slick Chrome.
  • Steel Dancin spray.
  • Jak 12- Liquid Light.
  • Trophy System- Liquid Light.
  • Chopper- Liquid Light.
  • M21 EBR- Grim Gold.
  • Base Melee- Bright Blade.
  • Bright Gold- Charm.

Here is the price for the increasing CPs after each spin:

  • 1st Spin- 10 CP.
  • 2nd Spin- 30 CP.
  • 3rd Spin-  50 CP.
  • 4th Spin-  120 CP.
  • 5h Spin-  200 CP.
  • 6th Spin- 320 CP.
  • 7th Spin- 520 CP.
  • 8th Spin- 800 CP.
  • 9th Spin- 1100 CP.
  • 10th Spin- 1800 CP.

The main part of this event that makes it worth it for all is that the event raises the probability of getting the grand prize by removing the items which are claimed.

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