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CoD Mobile 3rd Anniversary Leaks: Here Is All you Need To Know 

CoD Mobile 3rd Anniversary Leaks: Here Is All you Need To Know

CoD Mobile 3rd Anniversary Leaks: Here Is All you Need To Know: Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 soon going to release. And a lot of leaks have been revolving around the new season. One of the biggest questions about this new season is will this season have a third anniversary or not. And the answer is no. Keep Reading to know more about the third anniversary and much more about CODM Season 10.

CoD Mobile 3rd Anniversary Leaks: Here Is All you Need To Know

Call of Duty Mobile season 9 is soon going to release. However, the fans are even more excited about the third anniversary of the game.  Now, the sad part is that season 9 will not bring us the third anniversary. As there have been a lot of leaks about season 9 and not a single of them has been about the third anniversary. Along with that, the next major update is going to be season 10 instead of 9 and even the rank season has been delayed a month. This is surely an indication that devs are planning a lot of stuff for the CODM Season 10.

As for the things that we will get on the third anniversary includes a lot of things you would want to see. Just like the second anniversary, the third anniversary will also have a campaign. So first off we got zombies on the third anniversary. Zombies will finally be coming back with a whole new map in season 10. Along with zombies, we will get a mythic Krig 6. We will also get Halloween content and the following legendaries.

  • Legendary Type-25
  • Legendary Pharo
  • Swordfish Legendary
  • SVD Legendary
  • Cryo Bomb Legendary

Along with this, we will also be getting redux of Legendary Gunzo and mythic  M13. The developers are undoubtedly planning a lot of things for season 10. However, do note that all these mentioned content are nothing but leaks and are subject to change. That said, there were all the major things you needed to know about the release time and content of the third anniversary of CODM. Make sure to stay tuned with us for more future updates.

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