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CoD Mobile 2023 Season 1 Leaks: Battle Pass, new Characters, Blueprints, and more; Check Details


CoD Mobile 2023 Season 1 Leaks: Battle Pass, new Characters, Blueprints, and more- Season 1 of CoD Mobile 2023 is fully set and has created sky-touching hype in the community. This time, the community is eagerly waiting to examine the new changes, addition, and other rewards. The leaks and other news circulating have literally made strong connectivity and it seems like this update is going to be a massive one ever approached in CoD Mobile. Players are anticipating catching their first peek of season 1 on several platforms. 

The developers always prove their best work by introducing something unique theme content in almost every season. Some more fresh leaks have recently been revealed regarding the characters, blueprints, and more which are fully confirmed and are not meant to be changed over time. Follow us for more updates.

CoD Mobile 2023 Season 1 Leaks: Battle Pass, new Characters, Blueprints, and more

The anticipated Season 1 of CoD Mobile is probably to get rolled out in the game on the 17th or 18th of January and will run for one month. Here are some of the list of BP items, blueprints, and other massive addition:

Upcoming S1 BP characters-

  • Cassius- Fate’s Champion.
  • Baker- Breaker.
  • Rampage- Venomous.
  • Bathysphere- Hog Heaven.

Upcoming S1 BP Blueprints

  • MX9- Golden Stripes.
  • HS2126- Pig Dynasty.
  • LK24- Amethyst Serpent.
  • Type 25- Roaster’s Dawn.
  • Dingo- Monkey King’s Legacy.

S1 BP guns and Iron Sights-

  • M13.
  • SKS.
  • Fennec.
  • Oden.
  • Dingo.
  • MX9.
  • Type 25.
  • LK24.

Some more characters and items of S1 BP are in the impending line. Users can also expect them to get witnessed either in Season 1 or Season 2 of 2023.

As usual, individuals need to pay 220 CP in order to get the Battle Pass and 520 CP for Battle Pass Bundle aka Premium Pass Plus.

The CoD Mobile Season 13 Winter War will be the Battle Pass vault next season i.e Season 1. To be honest, the items of Season 13 Winter War are not so good in terms of blueprint but the characters are too hot and damn good.

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