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Clash Royale Update: Collect the Clash Royale Trophy Road Rewards before the Update drops

Clash Royale Update: Collect the Clash Royale Trophy Road Rewards before the Update drops

Clash Royale Update: Collect the Clash Royale Trophy Road Rewards before the Update drops- With the range of new updates coming down the line for The Clash Royale, it is also parting ways with the old league system On Trophy Roads. This signifies the update of a new Trophy Road reworks which is going to be very exciting and Thrilling for the players.

The update of the year also includes the Path of Legends (a new ranked mode!) with the introduction of two new cards, Deck Explorer, new King Levels, and many more. After the update goes live today on 26th October, there will be a final reset of Trophies for all the players in the current leagues for your Trophies and profile badges in the previous mode.

Collect the Clash Royale Trophy Road Rewards

The reset will be alike any regular seasonal reset that generally happens. Players will be able to collect rewards from 5000 Trophies and above. The difference this time will be, a player’s Highest Trophies count will be considered instead of their last trophies count which leaves them with higher scope to rank better in the current league (Path of Legends). After the Reset, the Trophies count will be capped at 6600 Trophies.

The previous badges and achievements will be kept in store but not for the current season, as it will not be counting your previous victories. This season will be a fresh start for all the players to challenge themselves with the new introductions of the updates. This is only possible because it is not a full Season in itself.

Still, Player Profile’s new “Legacy’ section will display the Highest Trophies and Best Season Rank of a layer. The Path of Legends will be available immediately to be played with a full set of rewards, but the Season will be much shorter than expected, continuing only for 12 days.

The first Ranked Season in the Path of Legends will start On November 7. Afterward, Trophies will be no ready for a reset. So, players must be in a hurry to collect them before that day. With the onset of the first day, players will be placed in Challenger I and receive Win Multipliers depending on their ranking at the end of the Teaser Season. Top finishers will also receive the appropriate Badge upgrade according to their final rank on ‘the Path Of Legends’.

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