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Chinese Company NetEase Released Project M which look like VALORANT, Watch Gameplay trailer

Chinese Company NetEase Released Project M which look like Valorant
Chinese Company NetEase Released Project M which look like Valorant

Chinese Company NetEase Released Valorant Clone- Project M, Watch the Gameplay trailer: NetEase Games, a Chinese publisher, is continually launching projects that rip off the formula of huge AAA games. And it’s all for the purpose of transferring them to Chinese smartphones. Earlier many independents developers of China have released clones of games like CS: GO, but now the stakes have risen: NetEase has nearly totally replicated Valorant in his new project, Project M.

A mobile version of Valorant has been rumored for a long time, and Riot has now confirmed their plans to do so. Meanwhile, it appears that NetEase, a Chinese game publisher, is attempting to fill the Valorant-shaped hole on mobile with Project M, a 5v5 competitive arena shooter of their own.

Format and Trailer

Character skills like Sage’s ice wall, Brim’s smokes, and Sova’s drone and bow/arrows are strikingly similar, as you can see in the Project M trailer above. There is even a character who resembles Omen. When a player achieves a kill, VALORANT followers will notice the trademark skull images, and the sound effect at the conclusion is identical to the sound we’ve heard in VALORANT previews.

Bomb defuse is the primary mode. The game is played in a 5v5 format. The weapon may be customized, and it includes both futuristic and classic guns like the AK-47. Project M will be released on smartphones, although no date has been set yet. We’ll keep track of the game and let you know when the next CBT stage begins. So far, it’s a direct competitor to Tencent’s Valorant Mobile, which will be released in China.

Riot Game’s Response

As of Now, No response haven been recorded from sides of Riot Games. It wouldn’t surprise most of us if Riot Games filed a lawsuit against NetEase over it in the future. Because, don’t forget, the Riot also aims to release the game VALORANT Mobile on smartphones in the future. And because Project M is a VALOROUS Mobile game, it will, of course, take a certain amount of market share.

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