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Call Of Mobile Season 6: All about the new Zombie mode, Rewards, Features and More.

Call Of Mobile Season 6: All about the new Zombie mode and Rewards
Call Of Mobile Season 6: All about the new Zombie mode and Rewards

Call Of Mobile Season 6: All about the new Zombie mode, Rewards, Features, and More. Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile was just released and we got the most awaited game mode of all time in this season. Season 6 of CoD Mobile gave us zombie mode. Let’s take a look at the all details of the brand new mode in-game. 

In this season we got back the zombie mode and it is named the ‘Undead Siege’. In this mode, there are 2 different formats to play. The formats are listed below.

  • Casual Undead Siege

In this mode, we have to survive for three days in-game. In this mode, we will be having a base and a machine. We need to protect that machine from the zombies. To survive for three days, we need to search for weapons and Aether Essence. The aether essence is essential to build different kinds of turrets and upgrade them. The players can get the aether essence by killing zombies and breaking aether crystals. With every day the number of zombies will increase and they will get stronger as well. 

  • Hard Undead Siege

While the rules of this mode are the same as the casual mode. The only difference is that you have to survive for 5 days. And the zombies are stronger than the zombies in the casual mode. Here we will also see a lot of different kinds of zombies. And there will be Zombie bosses as well in the hard mode. 

Apart from these two modes, the zombie mode has a huge amount of Interesting features as well.

Level system- in the zombie mode there is a new system where we have to level up to gain rewards, aether shards, and aether crystals. To level up, we need to complete tasks and gain Richtofen Rewards XP. We need 10,000 exp to level up and the max level we can get is level 50.

•Talents- with the aether shards and aether crystal we earn by leveling up. The players will be able to level up their talents. As the zombie mode is very hard to win. The developers gave us the power of leveling up our talent that will help us fight more effectively in the undead siege mode.

•Rewards- apart from getting Aether Shards and aether crystals we will also get a lot of new rewards. The rewards we will get from leveling up are listed below.

  • Tank Dempsey – Infected
  • Shorty – Aether Machine

With these two epic weapons, we will also get a lot of rare and uncommon weapon camos by leveling up as well. Rewards will also be dropped in CoD Mobile game and the players can easily get those skins as well.

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