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Call of Duty Warzone Latest update fixes game breaking bugs and issues

Call of Duty Warzone Latest update fixes game breaking bugs and issues
Call of Duty Warzone Latest update fixes game breaking bugs and issues

Call of Duty Warzone Latest update fixes game-breaking bugs and issues: So as we all know that some glitches and bugs have been affecting the gameplay of the player lately affecting them. They either got something very advantageous or something disadvantages in some gunfights. The developers of Call of Duty Warzone took action against these problems and now we got the bugs and issues finally fixed. The announcement was made on Twitter.

These issues that were being pretty annoying were fixed on 21st July. And finally, the players were able to experience much better battles. Moving on, the first issue that was fixed was related to chat. The developers decided to remove the Report offensive Chat Button while they investigated a related crash in CoD Warzone.

Call of duty warzone: Gun Scope Bugs

Bugs that were related to guns and affecting weapons recoil were also corrected. The optics C58 and Kross 4x were affecting the recoil incorrectly leading the players to lose some gunfights unfairly. This bug was also corrected and now the players can use these scopes in CoD Warzone without any doubt and surely won’t regret it.

call of duty warzone: Battle royale – Dead Silence Perk Bug

One of the main bugs that were affecting the gameplay was the bug that led the players who used dead silence in the pre-match to gain the advantage of the perk even after the pre-match. That led them to get easy sneak kills. This bug made many players rage quit and even stop playing as they were not able to hear the footsteps that always lead them to an unfair loss. Hopefully, This bug was also corrected with this update and now the players won’t experience this problem again.

Sentry Turret Killstreak Bug

The bug that didn’t allow the Sentry Turret Kill streak map icon when it was placed on the train was also corrected in the CoD Warzone update. The final bug was related to flavor texts on various blueprints and was also corrected.

That said, let’s hope that the developers keep on removing the bugs that affect our gameplay and keep on giving us a better experience.

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