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Call Of Duty Mobile Soon To Get Night Mode In The Coming Updates

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Call Of Duty Mobile has become extremely popular after its release in October 2019. The multiplayer mode of Call Of Duty Mobile was loved by fans, the game comes with best maps, modes and weapons from previous games.

The Call Of Duty Mobile developers pushes updates regularly and the updates contains new weapons, characters and more which makes this game a complete gaming package. TiMi Studios are the developer of the game and is published by Activision and Garena for Android and iOS devices.

During the Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10 community update, developers of the game revealed that Night Mode will be available for Battle Royale and Multiplayer in future updates.

A Reddit user Call_Me_OniiChan  commented, “Thanks for the awesome content and are there any plans for night mode MP and BR maps?”, in return devs replied with the simplest answer possible: “Yes

This is not the first time when the team teased about Night Mode. During the Call of Duty Mobile season 7 update developers also told the community that they are working to bring night mode In-game.

During Season 7 community update, “We are definitely interested in trying some night maps too, but if we do it will be a bit further out since everything for next season is 100 % planned and already made at this point ( even for the season after that ). Sometimes there are things we can adjust or change closer to a seasonal release, but maps are decided pretty far out. If the community keeps asking for night maps though then we’ll keep sharing that with the team.

In the latest update of CoD Mobile Season 10: The Hunt, comes with plenty of new maps, weapons, and more. Additionally, Timi Studios confirmed that a new battle royale class-Hacker will be available later this season. There is no specific date mentioned for the release of New battle royale class-Hacker.

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