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Call of Duty: Mobile – Soon to get new map “Meltdown”

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Call of Duty: Mobile is getting a new classic map named “Meltdown”. The map is very famous among the players of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Let’s know more about this map and the strategies required to defeat your enemies.

Map Description

It is a nuclear power plant, located in Balochistan Cliffs, Pakistan. It features five main sections, the first two being the reactor chimneys, third and fourth being the two-story reactor controls, and the cooling fluid disposal area. The map encourages medium-range engagements overall.


  • It has a small room providing quicker access to the cooling tower side of the map from the Militia spawn point.
  • The upstairs of the control room building has a large window in the center that overlooks the center of the map.
  • The center of the map, provide access to all four major areas of the map (cooling tower, outflow, control room, and administration) from the top, and a tunnel allow quicker access from one spawn-facing end to the other.
  • Administration block of the upstairs mirrors the control room, providing a line of sight to the center ramps and the control room building.
  • The map is fairly open to the skies, but the control buildings, the side rooms between top and middle, and the cooling tower all offer protection from above, so time your Scorestreaks accordingly if you plan on using the aerial-based attack.

The players will love the classic map but would take time to learn and know the hot spots to kill their enemy. To know the detailed analysis of the map click here.


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