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Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: Everything about the Upcoming Mythic Lucky Draw

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: Everything about the Upcoming Mythic Lucky Draw.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: Everything about the Upcoming Mythic Lucky Draw. Call of Duty Mobile, one of the world’s best mobile multiplayer and battle royale games will soon get its season 8 update. And along with the battle pass, a lot of new stuff will also release. This article will tell you about the upcoming mythic gun skin draw of the New functional Weapon M13. CoD Mobile is a Multiplayer and Battle Royale Game that was published by Activision back in 2019.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: All the details about the upcoming M13 Mythic Gun Skin Draw.

Call of Duty Mobike has always been amazing when it comes to gun skins. Moreover, every legendary and Mythic Gun skin that the players got is absolutely amazing. And now on the occasion of 2md Anniversary and the release of CoD Mobile Season 8. The players will get a new Mythic Gun Skin of the new upcoming weapon M13. Moreover, along with the gun skin, the users will also be getting a legendary thermite skin in this draw as well. Let’s take a look at all the other rewards that we will be getting in the new Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Mythic Lucky Draw.

  • Mythic M13 – Morningstar
  • Legendary Calling Card- Re-Entry
  • Epic Helicopter – Fragment
  • Epic Operator Skin – Ghost – Azrael
  • Epic Emote – Fine Tuning
  • Epic.50 GS – Meteoric
  • Epic Karambit – Fragment
  • Epic SKS – Meteoric
  • Legendary Charm – Celestial
  • Legendary Thermite – Meteoric

These are all the Rewards that the players will be getting in the upcoming Mythic Lucky Draw. Along with this a lot of new Legendary Gun skins are also on their way. Undoubtedly, Season 8 of Call of Duty Mobile is going to be one of the greatest seasons ever. Moreover, the fact that season 8 is connected to the 2nd Anniversary of CoD Mobile makes it more exciting.

That said, make sure that you play Call of Duty Mobile Season 8. Moreover, make sure that you gather some unique gun skins and cosmetics along with a lot of amazing gameplay experiences.

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