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Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: Battle Pass Leaks and more details

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: Battle Pass Leaks and more details

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: Battle Pass Leaks and more details. Season 7 of Call of Duty is live and may end on September 22. This season has featured two new multiplayer maps which are getting loved by the players. New weapons like Hades LMG and Crossbow have been included as well. Season 7 has also brought many items like characters, emotes, and an average battle pass theme. Now, the developers of COD Mobile decided to bring the new season 8 with all-new content and exclusive items. This season will change the whole COD Mobile experience. 

Players already know a lot of information about this season. It has been leaked that, two new weapons M13 assault rifle and R90 Shotgun are expected to be added along with the addition of a new map Hovec Sawmill. This map was spotted in the game Modern Warfare 3, although Sawmill is a 6v6 dangerous map with many opportunities.

Season 8 Battle Pass content and more

Character skins

Call of Duty added new skins with confirmed new legendary character skins in the game. Developers have taken some ideas of character skins from other COD games and some are specially made by COD Mobile. According to Gamer’ Spot, Here are some of the detailed views of character skins.

  • Everglade- Golem
  • Ghost- Azrael
  • Farah- jinn
  • Baroque- poloski
  • The Prepper

Call of Duty Mobile: Season 8 Leaked contents

It has been leaked that R-90- Master of Snakes, Price- Bravo 6 are expected to come in the next season. The most exciting thing is that General Shepherd is expected to be added in COD Mobile Season 8.

Some epic skins like QQ9, BK-57, Locus, and AK-47 are expected to drop in the next season but R-90 shotgun is confirmed to be added in the next season of COD Mobile. Some legendary gun skins are also expected to be introduced such as Fennec- Venom Coil skin, DL Q33 – Advanced Artillery skin, this is the third legendary skin of DL Q33. There will also be the addition of R-90 Hopper legendary skin.

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  1. I really hope they would make verdansk as the new map cuz it was the most interesting and beloved map among others in all cod battle royale maps.
    Finally, after the AK-47 red action, we have another Ak-47 iv waited so long for this hopefully it will be confirmed soon. I am waiting to listen to the theme song of season 8 !! Really excited. And any news about the rank rewards and daily login character rewards?

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