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Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6: The “AETHER HUNT” Event comes to Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6: The “Aether Hunt” Event comes to CoDM
Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6: The “Aether Hunt” Event comes to CoDM

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6: The “AETHER HUNT” Event comes to Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 has recently been released and the battle pass gave us some exclusive stuff for sure. But the best part was the new zombie mode. CoD Mobile is a multiplayer game that was published by Activision In 2019. Season 6 of the game was just released and gave the users a new zombie mode.

Call of Duty Mobile: Aether Hunt

The latest event of the game has just been released. The aether hunt is an amazing opportunity to get some new rewards. All You have to do is to collect ores that will contain aether. You will be able to get the yellow ores by doing daily missions. Daily missions can be completed by playing Multiplayer and Battle Royale Game Modes. To earn the purple ores that users need to grind in the undead siege mode. The purple ores are obtained by completing the main tasks and main tasks can only be completed by playing the undead siege mode.

About CoD Mobile Undead Siege: 

For the players who are new to the undead siege mode. The undead siege mode is battle royale map-based mode, in which you have to survive for 3 days in casual mode and 5 days in hard mode. You have to earn resources and turret mods in the morning and use them to upgrade your turrets. The players will need to protect their base at night by hordes of different kinds of zombies. Teamwork is the most essential part of this model. 

CoD Mobile Aether Hunt – Missions and Rewards

The Missions, Players will have to do in the event Aether Hunt are Listed Below.

Aether Event – OneTime Challenges
  • Get 50 Headshots In Any Mode
  • With a K/D of Over 1 complete 20 Multiplayer Matches
  • In The Undead Siege Mode – Hard, Rescue teammates 10 times
AETHER HUNT – Mainline tasks
  • Destroy 3 Aether Crystals in Undead Siege – Hard Mode.
  • Kill one zombie- with a Molotov Cocktail in Undead Siege – Hard Mode
  • Drive 100 meters in Undead Siege Hard.
  • Make a Max Level Turret in Undead Siege – Hard Mode
  •  In Undead Siege – Hard, Kill 3 Zombies with Vehicle
Aether hunt – Daily Tasks
  • Complete three matches in any mode.
  • Daily Login for Aether Hunt.
  • Achieve one triple kill in MP matches.
  • Win 5 matches in any mode.
  • Win 1 match in Undead Siege Hard.
  • Win 1 BR match.
  • Repair Armor 5 times in BR matches.
  • Earn 1 MVP title in MP matches.
  • Kill 50 zombies in Undead Siege.

In Aether Hunt, the players will get a lot of new rewards. The rewards of the Event are listed below.

  • Character Skin – Richtofen – Turned
  • Epic Blueprint – FR .556 – Undead Watcher

Along with these two epic rewards, the players are also going to get a lot of gun skins, vehicle skins, and many more in the Aether Hunt. So let’s not waste much time and start grinding for the Event Aether Hunt. 

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