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Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6: Daily Login Reward in CoD Mobile Season 6

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6: Daily Login Reward
Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6: Daily Login Reward

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6: Daily Login Reward in CoD Mobile Season 6. Call of Duty Mobile just got its latest season. Call of Duty Mobile is a Multiplayer Game and is very famous for its various multiplayer game modes. The game was launched in 2019 and gave us one of the best gaming experiences. This month, The Latest season of the game was released. And many free rewards also hit the floor.

Daily Login Rewards Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

The developers of this game have always provided us with some nice and unique Gun skins and Character Skins as well. As usual, this season’s battle pass again gave us some amazing rewards. The Free to Play players were also not forgotten. Call of Duty Players is always excited for the daily login free reward in every season. Just like all the other seasons, the developers gave us some amazing daily login rewards in season 6 as well. The daily login free rewards in Season 6 are listed down below.

  • BackPack 1 – EPIPHANY
  • M16 – EPIPHANY

Along with these 3 gun skins, 1 Backpack Skin, and 1 character Skin. We are also getting a lot of Credits and Weapon XP Cards in the daily login free rewards. Nevertheless, all you need to do to get these rewards is just to open the game once a day and claim the rewards. 

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6: Daily Missions

Players will also get the daily missions. By completing these missions Players will get XP cards, Credits, Battle Pass XP, and a Steel Stinger Crate every day. Users will get some unique rewards from the Steel Stinger Crate. The rewards users are going to get in the Steel Stinger Crate are listed below.

  • Fire Break-Eviction
  • Charm – Launched
  • Captain – Depth Metal
  • DRV – Depth Metal
  • LiftOff Frame
  • BackPack 1 – Depth Metal

With these listed awards, we will also get many uncommon skins from the crate as well. And the best part is that the uncommon skins are super cool. So, let’s not waste much time and start grinding for these skins.

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