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Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass ‘The Heat’: Gun skins, Characters, Cosmetics and much more

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Public Beta Test Released- Check Details
Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Public Beta Test Released- Check Details

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass ‘The Heat’ – Gun Skins, Characters, Cosmetics, and many more. The latest season of Call of Duty Mobile is going to end very soon. The present season which was known as ‘IN DEEP WATER’ didn’t disappoint us in any way. Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile is on its way. We are going to get a lot of super unique gun skins along with some cool characters in the next season. The next season of the game is called ‘The Heat’. We have listed below the prizes, the next battle pass is going to give the players.


A new weapon for free is also on its way in the season 6 battle pass, the SMG-MX9. This weapon will be available in The  Battle Pass for free on tier 21.

New Score Streak – Swarm

A new score streak is also going to hit the floor in the season 6 Battle Pass. This score streak will give you the power of using many hunter-killer drones at once. It is going to be available in the battle pass on tier  14.

Epic Weapon Skins

We are going to get some unique and attractive gun skins in the Battle Pass of Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 as well. That will surely won’t disappoint the players who bought the battle pass. The gun skins we are going to get are as follows.

  • Dl-Q33 – Black Market
  • HG-40 – All Angles
  • ICR-1 – Blood Money
  • Type 25 – Jungle Mutsa
  • MX9 – Stone Serpent  

New Character Skins

Some amazing character skins are going to come in the season 6 battle pass as well. That also includes one of the characters that people love to use. The character are as follows.

  • Price – The Captain
  • Soap – Takedown
  • Domino – Revolutionary
  • Rosa – Double Agent


With these amazing gun skins and character skins, we are also going to get some cool cosmetics as well in the Call of Duty Mobile season 6 Battle Pass. That will include

  • Epic charm – Frosty
  • Epic Backpack – Bling Back
  • Epic Emote – Juggle and shoot
  • Legendary Calling Card – Escape in Style
  • Epic Frame – Jungle Mutsa Frame
  • Epic Avatar – Grizzled Command

And with all these amazing gun skins, characters and cosmetics we will also get some unique rare skins in the battle pass. We will also get Credits as usual. The players who will buy the battle pass are going to get CP as well. For the players who are going to buy the Season 6 battle pass bundle. The season 6 battle pass bundle will also have some amazing stuff. That is all we are going to get in the battle pass of season 6 that is ‘The Heat’. This new Battle pass will be available in Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 which will launch on the 30th of July, 2021.

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