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Call of Duty Mobile: Players will be Getting a New Undead Siege Mode In Season 9

Call of Duty Mobile: Players will be Getting a New Undead Siege Mode In Season 9

Call of Duty Mobile: Players will be Getting a New Undead Siege Mode In Season 9. Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 was released last month. And along with season 6, the developers also gave the players a new zombie mode called ‘Undead Siege’. While the zombie mode is still ongoing in season 7, the developers confirmed that it will finish along with CoD Mobile Season 7.

That means the players won’t be able to experience the Undead Siege mode anymore in Season 8. But, in an Instagram post official Call of Duty Mobile also posted that the players will get Undead Siege back in Season 9 of the game. Call of duty Mobile is a Multiplayer and Battle Royale Game that was published by Activision back in 2019.

CoD Mobile Undead Siege Mode to come back in Season 9

Along with CoD Mobile Season 6, developers also gave the users the brand new zombie mode named ‘Undead Siege’. This mode was awaited by the players for a very long time. And finally, it was released in season 6 of CoD Mobile. But now with the end of CoD Mobile Season 7 near, the undead siege mode will also be removed. This mode was absolutely amazing and gave the players a huge amount of rewards along with some amazing gameplay experience.

But that’s not all, the developers posted an Instagram post. In which they confirmed that the users will be getting the Undead Siege Mode back in CoD Mobile Season 9. Moreover, they also replied to some comments confirming that the bugs and problems that the players faced in this mode will be corrected. They also said that they are working on making the undead siege mode harder and Interesting.

That said, it’s sure that season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile is going to be very interesting. No one knows what the users will be getting in the future undead siege mode. However, it can be said that the developers have prepared a huge surprise for the players in CoD Mobile Season 9. Make sure that you don’t miss Season 9 of CoD Mobile and experience another wave of the amazing Zombie mode.

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