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Call Of Duty Mobile Introduces “Clan Wars” With Season 4 Updates

Call Of Duty Mobile is on its way to reach over $1 Billion in Consumer Spending This year
Call Of Duty Mobile is on its way to reach over $1 Billion in Consumer Spending This year

Call of Duty Mobile has come up with a new season update and it is being said that this will add a brand new feature ‘Clan Wars’ in the game. Call of Duty Mobile officials, a few hours ago, made this announcement, declaring Clan wars will be going live in the upcoming days. This is a great chance for the player to clan-up with their squad compete with other clans and earn rewards in a totally new way. 

Clan Wars will be an exciting feature of the game. It will allow players to join various clan challenges to earn clan currency. Why currency? Well, that’s for the lure of every game, The Rewards. You can also use it for Clan-store. Trust me, the rewards are quite exciting like Ronin – Hakagure, and more. Don’t worry, we’ll list them for you. 

Well, to bring a full-fledged guide to you, we have to wait for the feature to go live in the game, till then here’s everything we have gathered for you. 

Clan War Basics

CODM Clanwar basic

This is something we all should know before going through it practically. There are going to be many ways to play, play with your clan or you can join any clan to play. But here is the main thing for which the game has to be more exciting. You can earn the rewards and currency by claiming the ‘Clan War Nodes’. That’s the objective to clan-up and fight. More nodes you claim, the more rewards & currency you earn. You see, there’s a lot of ways to earn reward and currency. 

Clan War Rewards

CODM Clanwar

Well, going through the mechanics is called a basic thing but I guess rewards are the priority to lure more players. Anyways, there have to rewards for everyone and the game is set for the same. While playing with your clan you will be earning currency which further can be used to make purchases from the in-clan store. The rewards listed will blow your mind. 

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Well, there’s a lot that we are trying to gather, and don’t worry we will convey it to you ASAP. Trust me, we are on it as you can’t be more exciting than us. Call of Duty Mobile’s Clan Wars feature is seriously gonna up their game.

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