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Call of Duty: CoD Warzone’s new update is live, weapons nerfed

Call of Duty: CoD Warzone's new update is live, weapons nerfed, Call of Duty weapons

Call of Duty: CoD Warzone’s new update is live, weapons nerfed. The all-time fan-favorite game Call of duty Warzone’s latest update is live now. Many weapons have been nerfed in this update. As we all know many players in the game dominated the multiplayer in the warzone as some weapons were too overpowered and not many skills were needed to use those weapons. So finally Warzone has taken action against it and nerfed those overpowered guns. Let’s start with the submachine guns:

•Nail Gun (BOCW)
This gun was supposed to be a king in terms of short-range with high mobility. But the range of this gun exceeded the range that of the shotguns which make the gun a little bit overpowered with high mobility and long-range it was easy to beat the opponents with the same speed as if a shotgun with twice the range. So looking forward into this matter the developers decided to nerf the gun and they ended up reducing the Nail Gun’s(BOCW) maximum damage range by 39%.

That said some of the assault rifles got their recoil slightly increased. The assault rifles that it nerfed are

Moving on, one of the attachments was also nerfed as Activision said that they were satisfied with adding recoil control to BOCW barrels as the developers felt like with so low recoil to control the was hardly any challenge, and was no need to master the weapon. The developers want to reward the players for learning the recoil patterns, reload time, etc.

As all the players must be knowing that easy-to-use weapons don’t give us much of a challenge and slowly the interest in that gun is finished. The developers feel like that’s not a good thing. That said the barrels that were nerfed in this update were listed below.

Task Force/Spetsnaz RPK/CMV Mil-Spec (Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns)

Vertical Recoil Control decreased from 15% to 10%
•Horizontal Recoil Control decreased from 15% to 10%
Ranger (Assault rifles except AK-47 (BOCW)& XM (BOCW))
Vertical Recoil Contrat turned from 15% to 10%
Reinforced Heavy/Match Grade/VDW Reinforced ( Assault Rifles ,Light Machine Gun)
Vertical Recoil Control decreased from 5% to 5%
Horizontal Recal Control decreased from 7.5% 5%
Takedown Assault Rifles except for AK-47 (BOCW)& XM4 (BOCW))
•Horizontal Recall Control decreased from 15% to 10%
Even after these nerfs there may be some weapons that are overpowered and are very easy to use. So the Developers have said that they will continue to target those weapons and give us more updates like this one.
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