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Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Trailer, Release Date And Plot All You Need to Know

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The iconic, best-selling work, “Call of Duty” series for a new attitude of “Call of Duty: Black Ops cold war” once again came to the world in front of fans. Bypassing the previous game trailers interspersed with controversial Tiananmen massacre in the picture, this (27ย  August 2020). It was announced that the game will be released globally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC ( only) on November 13.


The most popular original “Black Ops” will launch a sequel and set the era in the early 1980s, incorporating elements of contemporary pop culture from the 1980s. In the sequel of “Decisive Moment: Black Ops”, players will fight in iconic locations around the world, such as East Berlin, Turkey, Vietnam, Moscow in the Soviet Union and other scenes face-to-face with historical figures, making it difficult to understand Accept the truth.

As the elite special forces, players will track down a mysterious character code-named “Perseus”. “Perseus” is performing a task of unsettling the balance of global power and changing the course of history, and the player’s purpose is to prevent this dangerous conspiracy that has been planned for decades from coming true. In addition to plot battles, players will also be exposed to a series of Cold War weapons and equipment in the next generation of multiplayer battles and a new zombie mode experience.


Image Via COD


Bobby Kotick, Chief Executive Officer of Activision Blizzard, said: “We are very pleased to launch the next masterpiece for “The Final Moment.” One of the games. “Black Ops Cold War” will provide an exciting game experience. Not only will it set a new standard for next-generation action games, but it will also allow players to connect with their friends.”

“Black Ops Cold War” It will unfold in various forms. In addition to exciting plot battles, there will also be new multiplayer games, a new zombie mode experience, and after the game is released, much amazing new content will be brought into the battlefield of the modern battlefield.

The game is expected to support cross-platform connectivity, allowing modern and next-generation systems to be playable in all game modes. “Decisive Hour: Black Ops Cold War” will also provide a “battle pass” system, and regularly launch free game content after the game is released, including multiplayer map and game mode, zombie mode and a series of community activities.ย “The Final Moment: Black Ops Cold War” will be released globally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC ( only) on November 13.ย The next-generation version of “Cold War: Black Ops” will be released in the future, and the actual date will be based on the official release date of the game console.

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