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Brawlhalla Crosses A Milestone of 50 Million Players


Free to play 2d fighting game Brawlhalla, developed by Blue Mammoth Games announced the achievement of crossing an unbelievable milestone of 50 Million Players.

This announcement came out two days after the release of the new ranked season. The new season started on 7th October where players can play hard to earn glory so they can claim Golfforged and Skyforged rewards. The new season has new nameplates, weapon skins and emotes in Brawlhalla, they have also changed the Brawl Of the Week and Legends Rotation.

Official statement on Achieving the milestone, “We are very grateful to all and thanking you all so much for being with us. We are working on providing you with the best experience of Brawlhalla. The reason behind achieving this milestone is you all who continues playing the game. Making Brawlhalla for this community is truly what propels us forward. Special thanks to everyone who has helped build the great Brawlhalla community by joining in Brawlhalla esports, creating fan art, participating in discussions, streaming the game, making videos and other content, or by just saying gg at the end of a match.”

If you are new to this game, the basic concept of game is to knock the opponent off the stage. Game support online and local play options, where you can compete with your friends in local more or you can compete with the opponent from anyplace of the globe.

About the game

Brawlhalla is developed by Blue Mammoth Games in 2014. The game is available across all platforms such as macOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android , iOS devices and Nintendo Switch. The game is available for cross play across all platforms. In 2014 the game was firstly shown in PAX East. Open Beta for the Brawlhalla became available in Nov 2015, the game was released globally on October 2017. On March 5 2018, video game publisher Ubisoft acquired the developer of the game.

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