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BMPS League Week 1 Day 2: Which Team is Leading after Day 2, Know Overall Standings

BMPS League Week 1 Day 2: Know Overall Standings, Map Highlights

The Second day of Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series finally ended with Day 2 action. The team of BMPS is divided into three groups, with the top 16 teams advancing to the finals and the bottom eight teams being eliminated. To advance to the fourth round of the BMOC 2022, 24 teams were chosen. These 24 teams will now compete in the BMPS Season:1 competition. The final round of BMOC 2022 featured 32 teams, and the remaining 32 teams were asked to participate. These 64 teams have been separated into four groups, each with 16 players. Here are mapwise highlights and Standings from Day 2: BMPS League Week 1 Day 2

Highlights of BMPS League Week 1 Day 2:

  • Team XO won the first match of the day in Erangel played between group B and C by humungous 12 finishes and Team R eSports came in second place by 7 frags, followed by team Big brother eSports by 9 frags for third place. XO Sensi was named MVP by 6 finishes.
  • In the second match of Miramar, played between groups A and C, Team XO was able to secure the first position with 11 frags, followed by team Global eSports and R eSports by 15 and 6 frags. XO Snax was named as MVP by 6 frags.
  • Big brother eSports won the third match in Sanhok played between A and B, with massive 14 finishes. Team OR secure’s second position with 9 frags. followed by team Autobotz by just 1 finish for third place. BBXscream was named MVP by 5 finishes.
  • In Erangel Team Orange rock won the fourth match of the day contested between A and B by massive 21 frags, while Walkouts came in second with 6 finishes. Team Initiative Academy was able to secure third place with 8 finishes. OR Aditya was named as MVP by 8 finishes
  • Team Hyderabad hydras with their excellent gameplay won the fifth match of the day of Miramar played between groups B and C with 14 finishes, with 8 finishes team ACBC eSports secured the second position. Followed by team Nigma galaxy for third place with 5 finishes. HH Carry was named MVP by 5 finishes.
  • In the sixth match of the day played between groups A and C, Team Global eSports was able to secure the first position with 20 finishes followed by team INS and Team Nigma by 3 and 5 frags.GE joker was named MVP by 7 finishes.

Overall Standings after Day 2:

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