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BMOC Round 4 Day 4: Here are Top 6 Teams From Group 4 Made their Way to BMPS Season 1

BMOC Round 4 Day 4: Here are Top 6 Teams From Group 4 for BMPS S1

The final day of BMOC round 4 has finally ended, with their next top 6 teams for BMPS 2022 . Nigma Galaxy, R Esports, FS Esports, Hyderabad Hydras, and underdog teams like Team Kinetic and ACBC Esports qualified for BMPS S1 after BMOC Round 4, Day 4 . TSM, as well as the other invited team Enigma Forever, Chicken Rushers, and Celtz, have been eliminated from the competition. Here are mapwise highlights:

Team Kinetic eSports won the first match of the day in Erangel by humungous 12 finishes and Team Celtz eSports came in second place by 5 frags, followed by team R eSports by 6 frags for third place. KineticbEO was named MVP by 6 finishes.

In the second match of Miramar, again team Kinetic eSports able to secure the first position with 11 frags, followed by team FS eSports and Team Redemption crew with 10 and 9 frags. Kinetic God was named MVP by 6 frags.

TSM won the third match in Sanhok, with 10 finishes. Team BurnX official secure’s second position with 8 frags followed by team Hyderabad hydras by 8 finishes for third place. TSX flashOG was named as MVP by 4 finishes.

In Erangel Team Enigma forever won the fourth match of the day by massive 15 frags, while Team Nigma galaxy came in second with 6 finishes. Team ACBC eSports was able to secure third place with 8 finishes. Team Enigma forever DALJITSK was named as MVP by 6 finishes.

Team R eSports with their tremendous gameplay won the fifth match of the day of Miramar with 12 finishes, with 8 finishes team ACBC eSports secured the second position. Followed by team Endless for third place with 3 finishes.REX Anary was named as MVP by 5 finishes.

In the sixth match of the day, Team Nigma galaxy was able to secure the first position with 14 finishes followed by team Solitude and Team ACBC eSports with 4 frags each. NGX MJ was named as MVP by 5 finishes.

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