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Blizzard Explains the loss of in-game items in Overwatch 2


Blizzard Explains the loss of in-game items in Overwatch 2- The release of Overwatch 2 was not received with great admiration as the fan’s worldwide suffers a server outage. In the meantime, the creators, Blizzard Entertainment is attempting to solve the issues as soon as possible and has seek for an apology for such inconvenience.

There are lots of complaints by the players, such as missing goods and never-ending wait periods. Further, gamers have complained that their entire collection of skins and other accessories vanished and that they had achieved no progress whatsoever with their accounts.

Blizzard Explains the loss of in-game items in Overwatch 2: Server Down

There seems to be a panic situation for the players but the developers has assured them that, a patch for the account merge feature’s problems, which have arisen, would be made available very soon.

The creators made it clear that the reason for such situations is the players have not yet completed their account merges. After, receiving numerous complaints from the players worldwide about how their in-game inventory has been reset partially and permanently.

Later Blizzard stated that one must finish their account merges to avoid such situations in future. Here is how one can do configure such:-

1. For gamers on consoles
First one must access Overwatch using their console account.
To scan a QR Code on your smartphone, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

  1. To sign up for a Blizzard account or connect to an existing one, enter the code that appears on your console. Once finished, players will be asked to authenticate their account when they log in to the game for the next time in order to combine their accounts.
  2. For PC players

One must click to:-

Select the console platform that best fits one’s needs. Sign into your console account Voilà, as of right now, your account should be linked.

In another part of the story, there are certain players who were facing difficulties as they were transferring their gaming data from Overwatch to Overwatch 2. The creators have stated that the process usually doesn’t take much longer, but again perhaps due to server issues there’s been a great delay in doing so.

Blizzard Entertainment was successful in solving a case where gamers have merged their separate accounts of console and their PC into one.

One should not be worried about losing their accounts data, as long as one has conducted their Account Merge correctly as instructed. Their all inventory should be safe after all.

Blizzard should look into another matter where, the heroes and equipment that ought to be accessible for existing members are showing up as locked in this problem, which is unrelated to Account Merge but has a similar effect on the user experience. These incidents very definitely stem from how existing gamers are being subjected to the First Time User Experience (FTUE).

If the problem persists one may send a support request at:
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