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BLAST is going to host CS:GO Major 2023 in Paris

BLAST is going to host CS:GO Major 2023 in Paris
BLAST is going to host CS:GO Major 2023 in Paris

BLAST is going to host CS:GO Major 2023 in Paris – After Berlin, London, Stockholm and other European cities, Paris will host the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major 2023 Premier in Paris next May, President of France Emmanuel Macron officially confirmed September 12, 2022.

Majors are widely recognized as the biggest and most important CS:GO events with a prize pool of at least $1,000,000. Since the 2018 ELEAGUE Majors in Boston, Valve has announced a new overall tournament format, introducing the Offline Qualifier as part of the Major Championship. This change also increased the number of teams in the Major Championships from 16 to 24, as well as renaming each stage of the tournament.

BLAST is going to host CS:GO Major 2023 in Paris

The assumed date for this Major is from May 8-21 of 2023, very similar to the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 dates that were held earlier this year in Antwerp, Belgium from May 9-22. BLAST has been running small and mid-sized international CS:GO tournaments for the past six years and has established a strong annual circuit called BLAST Premier, which hosts some of the biggest teams from around the world.

Emmanuel Macron ( the president of France ) said that “From next year, in May, in less than 10 months, our country will host an event that will celebrate its 10th anniversary: the BLAST TV Major Counter-Strike, the very first CS:GO Major organized in France,”. He added that the event will be held at Bercy, a 20,000-seat venue that previously hosted the 2019 League of Legends World Championship.

The president made the announcement as he officially congratulated the streamers of the ZEvent, which took place last weekend. The Danish company has been praised on numerous occasions for its high level of production and broadcast quality by most of the CS:GO community, along with the type of content it produces and the overall package it presents to audiences through its tournaments.

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