The team’s Journey in the year 2018 began from a household triumph – Pubg Mobile Indonesia Championship 2018. Bigetron made sure about the first spot followed by Evos Esports with gigantic 46,200USD and seeded to Pubg Mobile Star Challenge 2018 scheduled to occur in Dubai. However, Bigetron couldn’t make to top and completed the competition with ninth spot, despite they had just established the connection of their upcoming control period. RRQ Athena was delegated as the hero of PMSC 2018.

BTR completed multi-year by making sure about the lead position in Fighting League Indonesia – 2018 which occurred all through the month of December 2018 with consolidating TPP and FPP group.


  • Luxxy
  • Zuxxy
  • Ryzen
  • NaTic

2019 was changing year for Pubg Mobile Esports by the Introduction of – Pubg Mobile Club Open. PUBG Mobile Club Open is a worldwide level rivalry where PUBG Mobile groups from various locales fight out one another to win the title. The competition is separated into two stages, Spring Split and Fall Split.


Twin Parody : Luxxy and Zuxxy

PMCO commenced with qualifiers in various region. Meanwhile, Indonesian PMCO qualifiers likewise began around April. Bigetron was immediately welcomed for this qualifiers on account of their extraordinary earlier year achievements in the household just as in the International circuit. However, they additionally demonstrated again why they are the best infield. They effortlessly whipped other teams of their groups and continued to SEA Spring League. With prize cash of 3,500USD, they packed away the third spot and Illuminate from Thailand was on the top of the table followed by mighty RRQ Athena.

PMCO SEA stage competition reached its definitive standoff – PMCO SEA CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 Spring. After the arrangement of extraordinary matches of SEA title. Red Aliens completed as next in line and RRQ Athena as ruler. As a preformat, Bigetron got an opportunity to participate in Pubg Mobile Club Open Spring Split – Berlin(Germany). Berlin was full control from the Chinese area as all top three spots were won by them #1TES (China), #2XQF(China), #3Elite(China).

Bigetron protected the fifth spot in general with prize cash of 10K USD. The ceaseless improvement in their presentation was an indication of up and coming Red Aliens Era.

Before PMCO 2019 Fall there were slight changes in the roster with the new addition.

  • Luxxy
  • Zuxxy
  • Microboy
  • Ryzen

World Champions Title For First Time


PMCO Malaysia Champions

Finally, in PMCO Fall-Malaysia 2019, World witnessed new heroes Bigetron Red Aliens. BTR played splendidly and at long last, they got five Chicken Dinners, 129 kills focuses, 174 positions focus, and 303 total points. Bigetron lifted the trophy and $200K in prize cash. Bigetron Esports ought to have made it very clear as they brought down the best groups on the planet, to lift home the Fall Championship 2019 trophy. The team from Indonesia, finished with a 106 point lead, which, to put into context, is the total points accumulated by the 11th placed team.




The year 2020 started with a disaster- COVID19 pandemic, leading to impact all events whether physical sports or esports. Due to this several league and tournaments either got postponed or changed its format to online. Pro League and World League was the victim of this.

Bigetron Red Aliens successfully won the PMPL Indonesia and entered world league. However, they also performed brilliant in PMPL SEA finals and secured 2nd place.

In PUBG Mobile World League 2020 – Season 0: East event. After struggling hard in the PMWL 2020 League Finals against 15 other strong teams in the Asian region, they ultimately won the title once again. There was no surprise this outcome as it was anticipated by the greater part of analyst and fans.

Before winning the title, Bigetron RA’s team had to take part in the qualifying phase of “League Play” at PMWL 2020 – Season 0: East which was filled by 20 teams from all over Asia for 3 weeks. Bigetron RA finished at the top of the standings. Bigetron RA is the only Indonesian representative team to advance to the top party of PMWL 2020 League 2020 – Season 0.

Throughout the World league, there was an exceptional performance by Bigetron. Even after struggling in between of the tournament, they ended up with First place, whether it was opening weekend, league stages or Finals. Orange rock from South Asia was runner up in the tournament.

We Esportsgen team wishes all the best to Bigetron Red Aliens for upcoming Challenges and hope to continue their legacy forever.

Ashish is a passionate writer in the gaming and esports industry, and an Anime geek, fueled by coding, coffee, and late-night game sessions.

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