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BGMI: Top 5 tips to improve sniping skills in Battlegrounds Mobile India

BGMI: Top 5 tips to improve sniping skills in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Top 5 tips to improve sniping skills in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Sniping has become an obsession and compulsory phenomenon for every other player who is coming to play the Battlegrounds Mobile India. Every player wants to become a pro sniper in the game but sniping requires great skills and expertise in using the sniper rifles. In Battlegrounds Mobile India there are 5 sniper rifles including the most powerful sniper AWM, M24, Mosin Nagant, Kar98K, and Win94. To improve sniping skills in BGMI, the following are the five tips given.

Top 5 tips to improve sniping skills in BGMI

1. Crosshair Placement

Players should focus and learn to place their crosshairs at the perfect place. After spotting the enemy, players should be trained enough to place their crosshairs directly on the enemy. To practice the crosshair placement, players can visit in-game training grounds where they can practice placing their crosshair on moving obstacles.

2. Try to snipe without exposing yourself

Players should always try to snipe from covers and should avoid sniping from open grounds. Players should try to use the peek button as much as possible from the covers while sniping as it will expose a little part of their body.

3. Learn to calculate the bullet drops

To make Battlegrounds Mobile India more realistic, the feature of bullet drop is added to the game. We see bullet drops when try to snipe the running enemies or enemies from a moving vehicle. The bullet drop of every gun is different from other guns. Players can learn how to calculate the bullet drop of the sniper rifles by only their game experience. The more the number of matches players will be playing more they will get experienced.

4. Always use higher grounds for sniping

To improve sniping, players should always prefer higher ridges, sniper towers, or any upper grounds as provides a good view for sniping. It also provides a clear vision of your enemies to make a perfect shot from your sniper rifles.

5. Carry the required attachments

Sniper rifles require different attachments so it is beneficial for players to carry the required attachments for their sniper rifles. Always try to carry the best scopes like 4x, 6x, and 8x for your snipers and other attachments like the extended mag, cheek pad, and compensator.

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