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BGMI Skins: Top 5 Upgradable Weapon skins in Battlegrounds Mobile India

BGMI Skins: Top 5 Upgradable Weapon skins in Battlegrounds Mobile India

BGMI Skins: Battlegrounds Mobile India, developed and published by Krafton Inc., includes various gun skins that improve the BR gameplay experience for players and also create interest for players in the game. The game’s upgradeable weapon skins have generated the greatest excitement in the Indian gaming scene. Due to their rarity, gamers must spend thousands of UC to purchase them.

1. Ryomen Sukuna Groza

Ryomen Sukuna Groza first appeared in Battlegrounds Mobile India as part of the Jujutsu Discovery event, which commemorated the game’s connection with the popular Japanese manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. The glowing crimson eyes of the weapon’s skin add to its terrifying look.

2. Rainbow Drake AWM

The Rainbow Drake AWM is the most recent upgradable weapon skin to be added to the game’s Lucky Spin section. The skin has a mechanical appearance and may be upgraded to Level 7.

3. Codebreaker AKM

The Codebreaker AKM gun skin is one of the most visually appealing skins available for the Assault Rifle. The gun can be upgraded until it reaches Level 7, and the Final Form has been designed such that the needlework appears to be etched into the weapon.

4. Glided Jade Dragon DP28

The Glided Jade Dragon DP28 first emerged in the game via a Lucky Spin a few months ago. According to reports, the skin is the best in BGMI for the LMG. The gun’s final form, in gold and purple, resembles the tentacles of an Octopus

5. Glacier M416

The Glacier M416 was one of the first gun skins to be released in BGMI. Unfortunately, even after such a long time, the skin craze has only grown. The Glacier M416 is the only rifle skin that is offered for free.

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