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BGMI: New Upcoming 8v8 Mode; All you Need to Know

BGMI: New Upcoming 8v8 Mode; All you Need to Know
BGMI: New Upcoming 8v8 Mode; All you Need to Know

BGMI: New Upcoming 8v8 Mode; All you Need to Know- The developer adds many features, events, modes in the game rapidly to hype up the game as always. The gamers also love playing the new modes, events come in the game with which they also get a lot of rewards by completing those events and modes. We all know that gamers are very likely to play TDM in BGMI and this is one of the famous and played modes in the game. Therefore they must get excited because the developers are again bringing a new mode in the game to shake the meta of the game. They are bringing a brand new 8v8 TDm mode for the players which is going to be one of the most aggressive ever in BGMI.

AS per the news, the 8v8 is confirmed that it will join the game soon because it was seen by many players on the beta version of BGMI and PUBG too. It is expected that the new 8v8 mode will be released in the 1.9 updates of BGMI.So layers must stay tuned to experience the new aggressive 8v8 mode. Follow this article to know more information about the upcoming mode.

New 8v8 Mode to join BGMI soon

We already know that in the current TDM mode of BGMI, there are only 4v4 matches and which team will secure 40 kills first will win. Moreover, the existing map in TDM is also quite small. The same tactics will be followed for the 8v8 mode but the team will have to secure 50 kills first to win and the map is bigger compared to the older mode. Moreover, there will be no fixed spawn spots for the players, they will spawn anywhere on the map after getting killed by the opponents.

A new thing will be added that weapons and their ammo will be spawned on different locations on the map. Now gamers can switch their used weapons and can collect the ammo easily in the middle of the match. The mode was very anticipated by the players because it already came in PUBG PC many updates ago, but now finally we are going to get and experience it soon.

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