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BGMI: Krafton bans multiple accounts and rolls out notice on Sanctions Against Illegal Programs

BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India bans multiple accounts & rolls out notice
BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India bans multiple accounts & rolls out notice

BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India bans multiple accounts and rolls out notices on Sanctions Against Illegal Programs. Battlegrounds Mobile India has been launched for Android devices on the 2nd of July 2021. Recently, the game has also rolled out for IOS devices. Overall, the game has been launched and is being played in full force now. There have been many complaints regarding “Hackers” entering the lobbies and using illegal ways to kill players. This demotivates the players and also promotes the use of such illegal programs in-game to enhance performance. Krafton has taken a hard stand against hackers and those who use illegal programs in BGMI. In this article, we will discuss everything about the notice which has been rolled out by BGMI and what actions have been taken against hackers.

Krafton Posted,

“[Permanently Banned Accounts] August 13 (Fri) ~ August 19 (Thu) : 271,880 accounts. Permanent banning is conducted every day, and we would like to inform you about the number of banned accounts through this notice.”

According to the official report posted on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s website, 2,71,880 BGMI accounts have been banned by them over the period of 13th August (Friday) – 19th August (Thursday) 2021 respectively. Also, another important point to note is that these accounts have been “Permanently” banned from BGMI so these accounts can never be operated again in-game. The report suggests that only hard restrictions like these will be implemented on hackers and those who use illegal programs in the game which faults the equality of players. It also mentions that “BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will strive to implement strong sanctions with the ultimate goal of eradicating the use of illegal programs in order to provide you a pleasant gaming environment”.

The issue of hackers has been going on since the first week of launch. Famous streamers and competitive players have also reported cases of hackers being spotted in the game using illegal programs and using unfair tools which help them kill enemies etc. BGMI does not promote such activities and with huge tournaments coming up for Android and IOS players, Krafton cannot afford to spoil the environment of the game due to such accounts.

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